With my departure to Turkey fast approaching, I looked down at a bit of a hairy Mary…  Nothing too shocking, but my bikini area definitely needed some attention.  I wanted to find somewhere that used a natural wax formula and came across Hoxton Salon after a tip-off from a friend who had their hair done there.

I was greeted by Paula, a lovely lady who certainly knew her stuff and taught me a thing or two.  Such as you should never leave longer than five weeks between waxes as around this point in time food stores for the hairs are replenished which strengthens the hair follicles and then you are back to ‘virgin waxing’ as if you had never been waxed. Between waxes, one should also exfoliate the bikini area (mitts are best) to ensure minimal hair regrowth.

Moving on to the wax. Paula firstly cleanses the area to be treated before applying a tea tree based wax formula.  A self-confessed meticulous perfectionist, Paula has a very specific method, concentrating on small areas at a time.  She says this means much less pain and speaking from experience I think there is definitely something in this. It was the least painful wax I have EVER had, by a LONG way! ‘The painful bits’ as Paula described them, were nowhere near as painful as the average waxing experience. And I’ve had a lot of waxes at various salons, rarely revisiting the same one twice. The last salon I went to for a Brazilian, she didn’t clean up as she confessed she didn’t think she was good enough to do it.  Basically, I had a high leg bikini wax!

Not only was the wax formidable, but we also had amazing banter! Sharing amusing stories, such as how Paula also does some work as a makeup artist, and one day her photographer friend had been let down at the last minute by theirs so Paula stepped in only to find (much to her surprise) that it was a porn shoot.  It was not just the faces she had to touch up, let’s put it that way!  We also shared waxing horror stories, such as one ghastly experience I had where I had to kneel at the end of my wax, derriere in the air and spread my cheeks. How elegant, how sexy…  She told me a shocking tale of a new client coming in who had stitches(!!) from a previous waxing experience elsewhere yet still were brave enough to turn to Paula.

Virgin wax or waxing lyrical, try a wax with Paula. I’ll put money on it being the cleanest, least painful you’ve ever had.