Hello dear readers and welcome to this first in an ongoing new series on Biteable Beauty – Try Me, Beautiful! I’ve collected a hell of a lot of sachets and trial sizes on my adventures in beauty and I thought rather than just have them gathering dust in my Biteable Beauty cupboard I would get them out and use them! The idea is that I give you a taster of my experience of using the product whilst also pointing out some interesting facts about the brand. This brainwave was well-timed as I went on a cruise to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights recently, which meant I had plenty of need for travel sized products to be tested in more extreme conditions!

So today, I’m starting with Defiant Beauty Cleansing Balm. Created by Jennifer Young, one of our clients, Defiant Beauty is a unique range for patients going through cancer treatment. I suppose it’s common sense that your body and skin’s needs change when you are subjected to chemotherapy however I had never realised the extent of these alterations in your body till we started working with the brand. Whilst Defiant Beauty is meant for cancer patients, and Jennifer is sometimes concerned about others finding the products too heavy or not fragrant enough, I found this cleansing balm to be a pleasure to use.

It is a buttery balm that just melts on contact with the skin and a pea-sized amount really is all you need. I always double cleanse so I use two peas per cleanse. The instructions say to massage into skin before removing with cotton wool. Whilst this works perfectly fine I must say that my method of choice with all cleansing balms is to use a face cloth or even better a muslin cloth. Run under the hot tap and give a mini-steam after the first stage before gently removing excess product. On the second cleanse I repeat this before using tepid water on the third cloth rinse time to ensure pores are closed and all product is removed.

This beautiful cleansing balm isfragrance-freee, and for good reason. When you are going through chemotherapy your sense of taste and smell are affected – this can be down to damage to your smell receptors and taste buds or because of changes in your hormones. The product contains few ingredients – Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Apricot Oil, Calendula and Beeswax

I would recommend this product for any skin type due to the high quality and low quantity of ingredients it contains, but Calendula is particularly good for more mature skin types as it encourages cell regeneration, whilst Mango and Shea Butter are great additions for dry skin products as they are super-nourishing.

Available from Full Size Jennifer Young Defiant Beauty Cleansing Balm 50g