Tibby Oliver Shirinking Violet Body Wrap

Tibby Olivier’s Shrinking Violet – it’s a Wrap!

And an effective wrap at that! Tibby Olivier Shrinking Violet is a surefire way to lose unwanted fat and then keep on losing. It’s a painless and effortless process which can successfully remove fat in problem areas. It works by helping to break fat cells down in the body which are then easily excreted by the body. The amount of fat you lose and where you lose it from is all down to your build, body type and body behaviour – the way your genes express themselves! I’ve almost finished reading a book called “The Ageing Myth” (or “The Aging Myth” I should write as the books American but I’m not so there I won’t!) and in it I’ve discovered that ageing is not in the genes so much as in the way the genes express themselves. It’s an interesting read and once I’ve finished it I will pass on my knowledge, or maybe I’ll keep the secret of eternal youth all to myself! Muahahahahaaa!

How Tibby Olivier Shrinking Violet Shrinks You, Honey!

For my treatment, I visited the lovely Thea at Flourish Skin & Body Clinic. I was handed the obligatory paper knickers and bra, although why these are still in existence is beyond me. They barely preserve any modesty (pun intended), I guess some shrinking violets just feel more comfortable covering their nips and bits! Tibby Olivier Shrinking Violet Lotion is then applied liberally all over the body. Tibby Olivier Shrinking Violet Lotion contains a higher percentage of Hydrolysed Lecithin than any other products on the market, which is one of the reasons why it’s so effective. This Hydrolysed Lecithin encourages Lyposis to occur –  breaking down triglycerides inside the fat cells into free fatty acids which are easily transported away from the cells and excreted in tissue fluid a through the lymph system. To give your skin a treat whilst you have the body wrap, the lotion also contains organic essential oils of Lavender, to rejuvenate, cleanse and tone; Cypress, to balance as well as help with cellulite; and Juniper, which helps minimise menstrual oedema and swelling.

Once covered in Tibby Olivier Shrinking Violet Body Lotion, the wrap begins. I was covered from the chest down to my ankles with heat-inducing body wrap film, quite a lot of it too, which made walking and getting on the bed rather comical. This was the first body wrap I had ever had and I’ve since learnt that this is quite normal! Once on the bed, I was covered with a heated blanket in order to keep my body at optimum heat – around 40 degrees Celsius. Thea said that sometimes clients can get a bit hot and itchy towards the end of the treatment however I was absolutely fine. I think the P8N8 facial (review coming soon!) and chatting to Thea was a perfect distraction to any overheating or itchiness! After the time was up, the film was cut to slacken and then removed from my body. There’s no need for a shower after the treatment as all the lotion is absorbed into the skin. I was surprisingly un-sweaty considering the circumstances!

tibby Oliver Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

How this Shrinking Violet Fared

The lovely Thea measured me both before and after my wrap. I lost 7 inches all over my body in total, which means I was a little below average as the majority of clients using it to date losing 9 to 10 inches from their bodies in total. “Even the slimmest model used in the training lost 5 ½ inches” according to company director and creator Julieann Parry. All pretty impressive results for an hour of laying there doing nothing I’d say!

My Tibby Olivier Shrinking Violet results –

Midriff 1 inch loss

Waist 2 1/4 inch loss

Hips 1 1/4 inch loss

Right Thigh 1 inch loss

Right knee 0 inch loss (I think it’s safe to say I don’t have fat knees!)

Right Calf 1/2 inch loss

Left Thigh 1/4 inch loss

Left knee 0 inch loss

Left Calf 0.5 inch loss

Right upper arm 3/4 inch loss

Left upper arm 1/2 inch loss

A series of six Shrinking Violet Body Wraps is recommended as a course to kick start fat and inch loss. I went to Flourish Skin and Body Clinic for one session. If I lost 7 inches in one session, imagine what six could do! I would like to take a course, I’m just saving up for the treatment. I’ll be sure to share my results if I do.

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