The Spa at Dolphin Square is “influenced by the essence of Morocco, a fusion of ancient therapies and contemporary spa philosophies”. The same can be said for the decor of the spa, a contemporary Moroccan style, not Aladdin’s cave in the slightest. Extremely tasteful and finished to a high standard. Upon arrival, I was greeted and taken to the changing room. I changed then headed to the Relaxation Courtyard, where delicious sweet mint tea, pistachios and juicy dates were waiting for me.

Throughout the whole experience, I never once felt rushed. I enjoyed a couple of cups of mint tea before I was invited to partake in the traditional Moroccan handwashing ritual.

After another cup of tea, it was time for the hammam. As regular readers will know when we were on holiday in Turkey we had a Turkish hammam The principle of the Moroccan hammam is more or less the same. First I had warm water poured over me before laying down to be soaped up with a wonderfully uplifting soap blended from eucalyptus oil, crushed olives and olive oil. There was a complimentary bar of this soap in my locker to take home which I was most pleased about! Then it was time for the exfoliation with a Kessa glove to slough away all my dead skin cells.

After a final rinse down I was then taken to a relaxation area with fabulous heated loungers, where more mint tea, figs and pistachios were waiting along with the latest glossies. Again there was no rush and I enjoyed a couple of teas and a good browse through Harper’s Bazaar before I was take on to the treatment room for my Moroccan Majorelle.

This treatment was absolute bliss! Rhassoul clay was applied to my hair and scalp then a Moroccan head massage performed, it was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. Next, a full body massage with argan oil, the masseuse really read my body well and did an excellent job of relieving stress in my shoulders whilst also stretching out my back, as well as my legs and relaxing my feet. When I turned on my front for massage of the front legs and my arms, a honey and rose mask was applied to my face, which smelt devine – good enough to eat. Once the massage was complete and the mask removed with hot sponges, it was time to return to the changing room to rinse the clay from my hair, before dressing and moving on to the final relaxation area – for yet more mint tea and nibbles.

I could not say a bad thing about my experience here. The staff were extremely courteous, the provisions plentiful, the products pure and of excellent quality and the treatments absolutely brilliant. Definitely somewhere I would recommend and I most certainly will return.

Moroccan Majorelle including Hamam starts from £110 for one person. For more details visit