About Sweetsation Therapy

As regular readers will know, I am always keen to try new products from brands that I have never heard of before! So when Angelika from Sweetsation Therapy invited me to try some of Sweetsation Therapy products, I was extremely keen to. Sweetsation Therapy was founded in the States by a lady named Natalia. Whilst she was pregnant and reading various literature to gear herself up for the birth of her child, Natalia discovered that there was an arsenal of potentially harmful ingredients in most mainstream cosmetics that could harm not just her but her baby also. Not only were they in adult products but supposedly “mild” baby care products also, which astounded her. So, she went to work creating Sweetsation Therapy, a range of organic and natural “clean and green” products for both mother and baby.

My Products from Sweetsation Therapy

I have been sent C*Bella Brightening Toner with Vitamin C and Enzymes, Q*Lumiere Organic Day Creme with Cucumber and Co Q10, Very*Berry Organic Oxygen Masque & Scrub with Antioxidants, Vitamin C & Superberries, Aqua*Tica Organic Botanical Night Cream, and Choco*Smooch Organic Baby Lip & Face Balm with Argan, Calendula and Sea Buckthorn.  All these products sound intriguing – I can’t wait to put them through their paces!

First Thoughts on Sweetsation Therapy

To be honest, I am not completely sold on the packaging of Sweetsation Therapy – it’s a bit too American for the UK market if that makes sense? However, as we all know, it’s what’s inside that counts! The Sweetsation Therapy Very*Berry Masque and Scrub smells AMAZING, and is so effective at exfoliating the skin thanks not only to a gentle granular action but also to a chemical exfoliation from Papaya, Pineapple and Hyaluronic Acid. The Sweetsation Therapy Day Creme smells just like Cucumbers and has a beautiful texture, in that it’s rich and creamy but somehow light and easily absorbed. The Sweetsation Therapy Choco*Smooch is a chocolate lover’s dream come true, The Aqua*Tica Night Cream somehow weirdly smells like furniture polish – I don’t mean that in a bad way either! Sweetsation Therapy Range