I was excited to have the opportunity to go along to Sen Health Centre in Harvey Nichols to find out more about their product lines and some new launches. Their store has also been recently renovated and the treatment room I went in was very tranquil and I felt immediately at ease.  I will be posting at some point in future about the Sen products as I try them, I can say now that Jing their head of marketing demonstrated some very exciting and innovative products as I waited for my Chinese medicine health consultation with the doctor. Jing was quick to point out that Chinese medicine is a very serious profession and that practitioners are not witch doctors.  To become a practitioner, one must study five years of traditional, or western medicine as they call it, followed by three years of practice in a hospital and only then can they study to qualify as a Chinese medicine practitioner. I am very open-minded when it comes to alternative medicines such as homeopathy and naturopathy so was eager to hear what Michael the doctor had to say.

Michael began by reading my pulse and then examining my tongue.  He said that I was in good health generally but that my liver although strong has a tendency to get congested.  He said that my energy and my tongue pointed towards this but it turned out he had forgotten to ask me one vital question – was I using any form of hormonal contraception? When I told him I was, he told me to forget everything he had just said as the symptoms he had described were most likely down to the implant in my arm. Michael recommended I remove this as soon as possible as it is poisoning and upsetting my body, I have to agree to some extent however for sake of ease and peace of mind I feel this is the right option for me at the moment. Once the time comes (which I hope will be soon!) and the implant is removed I will be going back for a further consultation at Sen to make sure I am in good health for motherhood.

This experience has left me thirsty for knowledge of Chinese medicine, so I dare say I will be sharing my findings on the subject with you as I learn more.