Plantae Balance Formulae Certified Organic Skincare

Plantæ (Plantae) – Certified Organic Skincare from New Zealand

Natural brands from New Zealand and Australia are most definitely on the up. I’m a massive Antipodes fan, and I’m looking forward to trying more brands such as Trilogy and Living Nature who are on my wish list. When Purely Natural Cosmetics very kindly offered me the chance to try the Balance Formulae skincare system from Plantae I got very excited, as it was a brand I’d not heard of before! I love new beauty discoveries!

Plantae – About the Brand

Plantae is a second generation family business. Their products are inspired by nature and based on scientific findings. This is something I believe is going to become a massive trend – natural products validated by science. Plantae has strong morals and uses fair trade, sustainable and organic ingredients, aims to educate consumers and the community about the benefits of organics, and all products are research-backed. Skin types, materials, plants and their therapeutic properties are all taken into consideration when creating a formula, and plant extracts are tested for their efficacy and potency before being included in a formula. Plantae means “plant kingdom” in Latin. The products are all certified organic by BioGro – New Zealand’s leading organic certifying body. Every single Plantæ product has a minimum of 95% organically sourced ingredients – such high standards are something to really shout about!

All ingredients go through as little processing as possible to help extracts and oils retain their maximum potency of nutrients. Traditional extraction methods such as pressing, pressure, vacuum, maceration, percolation, distillation, decoction, infusion and fermentation are used and no harsh chemicals are used in these processes – only solvents of organic origin such as ethanol, glycerine, water and CO2. Distilled ingredients include oils from flowers – rose, lavender and bitter orange; from leaves – peppermint, thyme, pine and tea tree; and from fruit peel – mandarin and bitter orange.

The hero ingredient of the Plantae range though, like Antipodes, is Superfruit Vinanza Grape Seed Extract. This ingredient decreases trans-epidermal water loss, helping keep skin hydrated. Not only this, Vinanza Grape Seed Extract decreases melanin production that causes freckles and pigmentation, and also decreases redness and flushes.

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Plantae Balance Formulae Certified Organic Skincare