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I came across Parissa Wax in Planet Organic Muswell Hill, a a range of natural wax products to use at home. The first product I tried was the

Parissa Wax Quick & Easy Strips

on my bikini area. I delegated the task to Charlie, as on the one occasion I tried to wax myself it was a complete disaster… I have no issue with pain but I just couldn’t get the movement right to obtain decent waxing results. And so Mr BB got to work, making no secret of the fact he was enjoying inflicting slight discomfort on me. These pre-waxed strips are excellent – effective and no mess as all you have is a strip that you peel the backing off, place where you want to wax and then pull it off. Quick, easy and no fuss, I would say this product is a great introduction to waxing.

Parissa Wax - Quick & Easy Wax StripsThe wax used in these products is based around pine resin, beeswax with vitamin E and chamomile to nourish and soothe the skin. Next up, I tried out the Hot Wax on my underarms and those hard to reach bits… The hot wax was not as clean to use. The wax comes in a mini pan to heat on the stove till half the wax is melted then you have to stir it till the wax has the consistency of honey. Then there are some wooden spatulas in the kit to spread the wax over the desired area. You have to spread the wax evenly but leave a thicker edge on the side that you are going to pull from (there are no strips in this kit). The product worked really well on my underarms but as both of us are quite clumsy/messy we did end up getting wax where we didn’t mean to!

Parissa Wax - Parissa Hot Wax

Having only waxed my legs a few times in my life (and by that I mean having them waxed at the salon), I decided it was time to try it at home. For this, I selected the body 2-in-1 sugar roll-on which consists of a round applicator containing a mix of water, sugar and citric acid that has to be warmed in hot water. The applicator has two rollers, one for larger body parts and a smaller one for face and possibly neatening up the bikini area. This product is used with “zip off” strips. I got a little confused over the instructions for the various products… I should have washed the area to be treated before using the sugar roll-on and didn’t and I think this affected the closeness of the finish – my legs were not completely smooth but nevertheless the hair was softer than stubble from shaving and some two weeks later regrowth is minimal.

Parissa Wax - Roll on Sugaring

Will I be buying these products again? Absolutely! Perhaps not the hot wax – I will have to try the roll-on on my armpits and see how we get on. Waxing and sugaring is a far superior option for me, rather than shaving every few days. My advice to any virgin waxers would be to stick at it – if the pain levels are high remember this lessens over time. Take the time to learn the best technique and all will come together in the end. You can pick up some more great waxing tips from Parissa here

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the image on the slider was part of a campaign in Canada by Rethink Advertising. I came across it whilst looking for product images and thought I’d share. At least we’re not THAT hairy ladies!

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