I was given this set to try when we went on holiday to Turkey.  Although I eat organic I must admit that my grooming regime does utilise the cheapest possible shaving foam and cheap Bic razors to tend to my wiry steel-like stubble. The set contained four mini-sized products in a compact and stylish box set.

The ‘Scrub It’ exfoliator left my skin clear, soft and lovely with a noticeable lack of blocked pores around the nose.  It came in useful removing dead skin cells from sunburn. The ‘Wash & Shave’ dual purpose product was quite foamy, very lubricating and rinsed off easily to leave my skin feeling quite refreshed. I found the ‘Cool Style’ shower wash refreshing and invigorating and enjoyed it although I don’t normally like mint and eucalyptus body washes.  I would normally opt for something softer or more aromatic, something spicy or fruity.  Although my scalp was not feeling particularly itchy, I still tried the ‘Itch Away’ shampoo.  It left my hair feeling soft and sleek after washing out the salty water which had dried out my hair and had a cloying effect.

This was a great pack to take on holiday, contained everything I needed in one compact set.  The products were revitalising, stimulating and as well as the above products I would recommend their cooling moisturiser after shaving and refreshing deodorant for all the great unwashed out there.

Organic Homme Good to Go Travel Set £20, Trial Size Cool Down Moisturiser £6, Stay Cool Deodorant £8.15 all available from www.greenpeople.co.uk