O MY how I love OPI nail colours! There’s something great about going to buy a nail colour from their stand, it feels like a real treat to me.  You always know that there will be a colour to match whatever outfit you are planning to wear, and that said colour will have a fabulous name.  I don’t buy a lot of nail colours as I tend to only wear a couple at a time.  My first introduction to OPI was a gift, a shade of dark plum called “We’ll Always Have Paris”.  I wore it and wore it and wore it, toe and finger nails, throughout the whole of that winter – I emptied the pot.

My favourite colours at the moment are the hot pink “Flashbulb Fuchsia” (a firm favourite for my toenails) and “A Grape Fit”, a lilac colour bought to go with my wedding outfit shoes and pashmina, it was indeed a great fit! You can see my make up look I wore to the same wedding here

OPI Nail Colours

It’s not just the colours and the names I love about OPI though, it’s their ingredients and the company ethos.  All their nail colours have been “3-free” since 2006, which means they contain no formaldehyde, no DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and toulene.  These chemicals are solvents and there has been much dispute about the safety of these ingredients in cosmetics and everyday products.  OPI are very transparent in the fact that some of their nail hardeners do contain formaldehyde, but there is also a non-formaldehyde version of each one, so customers can choose.  I found their research in to formaldehyde levels quite interesting –

“…according to a study conducted under the auspices of the California authorities, the levels of formaldehyde, even in nail salons, are no higher than those found in many common work places, such as offices, where no nail products whatsoever are present.”

What some people don’t realise is that formaldehyde is used in so many ways and can be found in building materials, furnishings, even cleaning products and air fresheners. So, whilst a fuss has been kicked up about toxicity in nail salons, nobody considers their own surroundings as being toxic as we can’t see or smell it!

I’ve never really used a base coat or top coat, if I can find one that’s in keeping with Biteable, I’ll give it a go.  I find with OPI however that a couple of coats suffices and this can last a good five days on the fingernails before it starts to chip (if you’re not clumsy like me, maybe yours will last even longer!)

I like to go to Selfridges to buy my OPI as I can browse the various shades to my heart’s content.  The OPI website is good fun – www.opi.com check out “Try On This Colour”  Visit www.lookfantastic.com to buy OPI Nail Colours online