Before I stepped into the beautiful light and airy salon of Norris Ogario, I realised it was some six months since I had gone for a chop!  I am very apprehensive when it comes to hairdressers and after my hairdresser, Tanya, of three years plus left Holistic Hair & Beauty in West Hampstead I dabbled with others but the results of others were no comparison. I have been searching for the right Scissorhands for four years plus, never finding them. Having spoken to Norris on the phone prior to my appointment, I had a good feeling about this time.  Norris was instantly likeable and chatty, which is something I look for in a hairdresser as I do like good conversation whilst sitting in the chair.

Ogario salon has been operating in London for over 20 years. Norris trained with Vidal Sassoon before setting up shop on his own. The salon has a loyal customer base that appreciates the high standard of service and the quality of experience a haircut provides when going to the salon. Norris has also developed his own range of products which are used in the salon. My hair tends to be quite dry, particularly at the ends, so Norris treated my hair with a masque to nourish and repair my hair.

When asked what I wanted doing with my hair I always respond, ‘take the dry ends away, put some layers in and make it easy to manage.’  The dryness has been at least an inch on recent occasions, due to me leaving long intervals between haircuts. What I loved about Norris’s interpretation of putting layers in is that the layers at the front are long – ‘I can see you like flicking your hair, so I’ve left you something to play with’  This is true. I regularly push my hair off my face from one side to the other, partly to keep my hair off my face but also partly out of habit.  From the back, the shaping is far superior to any cut I’ve had in recent years, I put this down to the fact my layers at the front are longer and therefore the graduation of layers through the back is less severe.

The end result – I had salon fabulous hair to go on holiday to Turkey with (my flight left a few hours later!), it is easily manageable and styled – watch out for my first hair styling post soon showing how I achieved my hairdo for my best friend’s wedding. Ooh and I am booking in for a trim in a couple of weeks, I’ve finally found my happy haircut place!

OGARIO 306 St Pauls Road London N1 2LH 020 7354 5540