Natural Perfume

Fragrance is such a personal thing. Some people change their perfume daily to suit their mood or even outfit (you smell so yellow, darling) whilst others stick to a signature scent for years, perhaps opting for a change of fragrance for evening and formal events.   Myself, I fall somewhere between the two. I have some signature scents knocking about from my pre-natural days (Paul Smith Woman and Marc Jacobs Daisy were both scents I stockpiled whenever passing through duty free) which I do still spray on my clothes now and then, but I have of late been switching between various natural and organic fragrances that I’ve been lucky enough to have been sent for review.

Whilst you may think that natural fragrance cannot compare to synthetic, both in terms of potency and staying power, I’m pleased to say I’ve found products that prove otherwise. And the scents are not limited – there’s woody, citrus, spice and floral notes sourced from natural materials that blend beautifully and are long-lasting. So if you are considering detoxing your beauty regime this January, why not give one of these beautiful bouquets a go!

Biteable Beauty’s Top Four Natural Perfumes

1) Bohemian Naturals – Indian Davana Natural Perfume

Bohemian Naturals Indian Davana Natural Perfume

This perfume is definitely in the running for the Best Perfume 2013-14 in Biteable Beauty’s Best Of. I LOVE it! It’s a real heady scent, a sublime mix of sensual notes – exotic flowers with a patchouli base note; warm spicy mid notes of amber and incense from sandalwood, and an uplifting top note of pink grapefruit. The base is an organic alcohol and to care for skin there is orchid flower extract. The bottle is very small so it is easily kept in your handbag or even pocket. You only need a small dab on your wrists, and behind your ears, if you like, it’s very concentrated and the scent is intense!

Bohemian Naturals Indian Davana Natural Perfume

The product comes boxed and packaged in a beautiful silk bag that founder Shannon Victoria made from silk she sourced from a Parisian market. How very bohemian!

Bohemian Naturals Indian Davana Natural Perfume

Available from Bohemian Naturals Indian Davana Natural Perfume

2) Patricia Gallagher – PG Organics Embrace Natural Perfume

PG Organics Embrace Natural Perfume

Award-winning perfume, crowned best natural/organic perfume in the Biteable Beauty Best Of 2012-13. It’s so good that were I greedier I would keep this little gem all to myself, but in truth I want Patricia to do really well, at least so she can bring out another fragrance! I fell in love with this scent as soon as I placed my nose over the bottle. For it truly has the class and sophistication of a mainstream perfume in an organic product! This is a 100% natural and 97.05% of ingredients are certified organic. I’ve had such wonderful comments from people about how I smell when wearing this – “You smelt divine” said Clare Eluka of skincare brand Premae. Mr BB LOVES this fragrance, and says it smells akin to Calvin Klein Eternity, but personally I think it smells even better! And I can rest safe in the knowledge that there are no chemical nasties in it – it’s 100% natural and 97.05% organic.

PG Organics Embrace is a sassy blend with strong oriental influences and subtle spicy notes. Exotic amber flirts with musky notes that envelop and preserve the lighter, more delicate floral notes including ylang ylang, iris, rose, mimosa, rose and neroli. It says on the PG Organics website that Embrace differs from conventional fragrances as it works with individuals’ body chemistry in different ways so will smell differently on different skins.

Available from PG Organics Embrace Natural Perfume

3) Essence of Vali – Botanical Perfume Oil Natural Perfume


As you may know, I am launching a website in the USA very soon and I’m planning to stock Essence of Vali on the website. The quality of their products and the efficacy of their aromatherapeutic essential oil blends is great. I am a big fan of their Sleep product! This Perfume Oil has warm floral notes of Lavender, Geranium, Palmarosa, citrus notes from May Chang and earthy notes from patchouli and Rosewood. The overall result is a sensuous fragrance which is rejuvenating for the mind and uplifting for the senses. The fragrance is handmade in New York and the base is pesticide-free Golden Jojoba.

Available from $15 0.35oz

4) Zing Organics – Cardamom, Atlas Cedarwood and Lime Solid Natural Perfume

Zing Organics Natural Perfume

Unfortunately, since I was sent this perfume to try, the Zing Organics team have turned their focus to candles and foods. Which I personally think is a real shame as this fragrance is a stupendous blend of citrus, spice and wood. Perfect for wearing throughout the year in my opinion, as I like citrusy scents in the summer and more spicy notes in the winter. This product is the best of both! It’s packaged in a small jar which makes it perfect for permanent residence in all handbags great and small. As it’s a solid perfume, just dab a small amount on areas where one would traditionally spray perfume-wrists, neck, behind ears and knees if you’re that way inclined!

Back to Zing Organics food products for a moment as one is well worth a mention. Their low GL flavoured Coconut Sugar! We’ve been mixing the bergamot one in our cocoa for a deliciously different treat!

To find out more about Zing Organics visit

Read my list of five chemical nasties you may find in perfume here. Have you already made the switch to natural perfume? What’s your favourite natural perfume?