Every month or so, I try and make it down to Spa Fabulous in Surbiton, another brand I represent. The salon is beautifully presented, and Neena Trehan, the owner and founder, is always an absolute pleasure to be or work with. It’s no wonder she counts Lisa Snowdon among her best clients and is currently working on a very exciting project with her (watch this space!) Neena’s has worked in beauty for over 20 years and has travelled extensively with this work. This is particularly evident in her products, which incorporate ingredients from all around the world; Persian Rose Oil, Coconut, Papaya, Aloe, Green Tea to name a few, resulting in truly magical facials. When I first went to her for a facial (directly after my interview!), I was happy with my skin, it was blemish free and no wrinkles to talk about (by this point I had noticed the difference around my eye area too!) However, after the facial, I looked so so so so radiant I couldn’t believe it! People usually think I’m mid twenties, I swear I could have passed for early twenties with no makeup! Her philosophy, “to glow in life” really does shine true in her facials.

The facial begins with a double cleanse, the first cleanse rebalances and the second cleanse is simply entitled “Bliss”. Fragrances and aromas, as you may have noticed in my previous posts, are extremely important to me in the experience of a product. With Neena’s products, each stage has a different scent, and they all smell deliciously good enough to eat. The rebalancing cleanser is citrus; containing lemon for its astringent properties as well as lemongrass and grapefruit to refine pores and balance oils. The bliss cleanser is packed full of nourishment for the skin; jojoba to rehydrate, cocoa butter to replenish, rosehip seed oil – a great source of omega 3s – to repair. The skin is now suitably prepared for the next stage, Organic Micro Dermabrasion. This stage deep cleanses as well as balancing pigmentation of the skin. After applying the formula to the face and neck, Neena gets to work under an infra red light with organic muslin cloth, focusing on areas of congestion and pigmentation, and after any necessary extraction work is done.

Following on from these cleansing stages, the pampering and indulgent stages come. Next, Neena works with her organic massage cream, suitable for use on face and body. Once smoothed on to the skin, it’s time for a bit of Shiatsu. This was the first time I had a shiatsu facial, and I loved how relaxed I felt during and after. My head was cleared, physically as well as mentally. Next, one of three facial oils is applied to the skin, for me, the Bliss for your Skin, which plumps, replenishes and rejuvenates the skin. Key ingredients here included Pure Persian Rose Oil to moisturise and hydrate, Sweet Almond Oil to improve complexion and soothe and Apricot Kernel which is rich in vitamins and essential oils. Next it’s time for the Anti Oxidant Cocoa and Rose Mask. This one is suitable for all skin types, and I love it because it looks and smells just like chocolate! This mask contains healing rosehip, soothing aloe as well as antioxidant packed cocoa, which oxygenates and repairs prematurely aged skin. This is left on for 20 minutes, and then removed with a hot towel. The mask doesn’t dry, it comes off really easily and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight at all.

The facial is finished with the Little Pot of Heaven Eye Cream and Little Pot of Heaven Face Cream, two wonderful pots. The eye cream contains smoothing aloe, purifying frankincense, circulation boosting horse chestnut and a whole host of other natural wonder ingredients. The face cream contains pure rose to moisturise and hydrate, rosehip oil to heal, plump and repair and Vitamin E to replenish and rebuild.

70 minutes later and you are not just good to go, you are fabulous to glow!

Spa Fabulous Salon, 118 Ewell Road Surbiton Surrey KT6 6HA, 020 8972 1789 http://spafabulous.com/ Spa Fabulous Products http://www.spafabulousproducts.co.uk/