When I first discovered Parissa for home waxing it was a revelation. Well dear readers I am absolutely delighted to say that I have found a product that surpasses the performance of Parissa. Step up, Moom Organic & 100% Natural Hair Remover with Lavender! A USDA organic-certified product range which “has reinvented the concept of hair removal by considering the beauty and health of the skin first.”


The formula contains the following organic ingredients – Cane Sugar, Chamomile Tea, Lemon Juice, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender and Rose Essence. These work together to remove hair (the sugar blend sticks to hairs to do this) whilst Chamomile, Lavender and Rose essences all work together to heal, repair, sooth and calm the skin. Moom also claims that the formula is designed to remove the entire hair including the portion that lies under the skin’s surface so that with repeated use regrowth takes longer and hairs appear finer and sparser. I’ve yet to see if the regrowth of hair is effected in this way, but I will be sure to report back if this is the case! (Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the photos!)

You may be asking why I believe Moom product to be superior to Parissa, well it’s quite simple. The first and main reason is I made nowhere near as sticky a mess with Moom as I did with Parissa. I also found the Moom formula to be more malleable and stayed thinner for longer, therefore the wax spread more easily. I don’t have the means to keep the temperature regulated of the wax at this time (although I am tempted to try one of these USB warmers) so I use a bowl of hot water to do so.

I used Moom Premium Fabric Wax Strips with the product and found these to be far superior to Parissa’s wax strips. They felt stronger, more effective and were so easy to clean after use, for reuse!


Having tried the body hair removal kit out, I also decided to try the Eyebrow Shaping Kit. This had a pretty similar formula to the body kit only instead of Lavender Oil it contains Pomegranate Oil, I suppose to help care for the delicate skin of the eyelids. I’ve never waxed my own eyebrows before and was a little hesitant however I need not have worried in the slightest – it was a breeze!


I would highly recommend these kits to anyone who is fed up of paying through the teeth for their waxes at the salon. Yes, they do a fabulous job of getting every last hair but wouldn’t you rather spend your hard earned cash on a massage or a pampering treatment? Rather than a wax which is at best short and sharp sensations and at worst prolongedly painful!

Moom Organic Premium Fabric Wax Strips available from Amazon

Moom Organic Eyebrow Shaping Kit from Amazon