Mioja – About the Founder, Tasha Saha

This is the fourth product I have reviewed from Mioja, the others being the Mioja Palmarosa Balancing Cleanser, Mioja Ginseng and Geranium Radiance Cream and Mioja Elderflower and Violet Body Cream. Mioja is a natural range from South Africa founded by Tasha Saha. Having read about Tasha, tried her products and sent and received a few online messages I can tell that she is passionate and dedicated to her cause – “helping people back to their own natural state of balance”. Who knows, maybe when we go to South Africa I will get to meet her as well as Jessica the Hippo, who I have been banging on about going to see for getting on for two years! If you’re not familiar with her watch this, but I digress, back to Tasha and Mioja!

Tasha is a holistic practitioner who has trained in many fields – Kinesiology, Reiki, Energy Medicine, and is currently undergoing training as an African Traditional Healer. She is also a qualified Yoga Instructor who specialises in yoga for detoxification purposes. All this training explains the deeper spiritual level her products work on. Like so many people I’ve met who produce their own natural skincare lines, Tasha has skin problems of her own. She suffered from eczema for several years and was inspired to create her own line of natural products using ingredients from her own garden, as conventional skincare products were not working at treating her eczema. And so Mioja was born!

Mioja’s requirements have outgrown Tasha’s garden and today the externally sourced ingredients used are from Certified Organic sources wherever possible. With many of their ingredients being wildcrafted (to bring the vibrant energy of plant life grown in its natural environment to the products), there are stringent guidelines in place to ensure that wild harvesting is sustainably carried out to preserve the local ecosystems and maintain biodiversity. Miöja also supports community initiatives such as the Vukuzakhe Muthi Planters Project n Zululand, South Africa. This is a women-only enterprise that organically grows African Medicinal Herbs.

Ingredients of Mioja Cardamom and Orange Lip Treatment

Mioja Cardamom and Orange Lip Treatment is from the Orange Range of products, formulated to energise, enliven, revitalise, promote creativity, enthusiasm and focus. The product is bursting with rich, nourishing and moisturising nut and seed oils –

  • Shea Butter is the base for the treatment and this contains Cinnamic Acid which offers UV protection as well as Essential Fatty Acids which plump and reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Apricot Kernel Oil has softening and brightening properties
  • Almond Oil is packed full of anti-ageing antioxidant Vitamin E
  • Orange Peel Oil promotes radiance
  • Cardamom Oil is soothing on the skin but has an uplifting effect on the mind
  • Frankincense clarifies and evens tone
  • Ginger Oil stimulates creativity
Mioja Cardamom and Orange Lip Treatment

Mioja Cardamom and Orange Lip Treatment – My Verdict

The treatment is a scrumptious smelling combination of Cardamom, Orange and Ginger and the product goes on really easily leaving lips really soft and smooth. It’s really effective so not only does a small amount of product suffice, but you also do not have to apply very often. I am going to save this product for holidays and winter – i.e. when your lips need a little more moisture!