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About Leticia Haute Coiffure

Leticia Haute Coiffure is a high-end hair and beauty salon in the heart of London’s Marylebone founded by husband and wife Pierre and Laeticia. It serves the discerning clientele of the area, a variety of very wealthy residents and fashion and media types who by and large have impeccable taste, most have a large disposable income but all refuse to be sucked into any marketing tricks or gimmicks. Having spent my fashion glory days working a stone’s throw away from the location of the salon I know the area well but had not come across the salon until Laeticia (whom the salon is named after) got in touch with me. The name of the salon was a definite draw for me – I love a play on words.

Step inside the salon and you are welcomed into a small but perfectly formed space, modern and clean, warm and inviting. It would want to be warm on the day I visited, a rainy winter’s day in December, right in the middle of the party season. I had a lunch and a dinner on the day I visited so I thought a trip to the hairdressers was perfect timing! Especially as I had not paid a visit to the hairdressers in around a year and a half (hangs head in shame) due to a bad experience that followed after my last trip – I was mentally scarred, to say the least! But I am pleased to say that I am over that now so thanks to Laeticia and in particular Pierre Doumit, Creative Director of Leticia Haute Coiffure.

I went for a hair consultation and styling session with Pierre, but the salon also offers non-bleached highlights (Pierre’s colour systems is about getting the most out of hair naturally with the least use of colouring possible) and the best Brazilian blow dries, as well as a wide range of beauty treatments including facials, massages, waxing, manicures and pedicures. Laetitia also offers styling consultations and has worked with some top photographers and celebrities to inject some serious style into their wardrobes.

Leticia's Haute Coiffure

More about Laeticia and Pierre Doumit – Creative Director of Leticia Haute Coiffure

Laeticia and Pierre - Leticia's Haute Coiffure

Laeticia is a Lawyer in the city by day and somehow manages to find the time to oversee the business side of things at the salon that goes by her name (I think the spelling has been simplified to make the place easier to find on the internet!) – she takes on the roles of Co-Founder, Head of Business and Marketing as well as a separate project for corporates and media, do to with styling consultations. Pierre has travelled all over the world after discovering his passion for hairdressing at a young age. On his journey, he observed different hair care regimes and approaches and took on board everything he saw. He puts this knowledge to excellent use in the salon. Like his wife, Pierre is also multi-talented and holds beauty qualifications and is trained as a therapeutic masseur. I wonder how these two find any time to sleep!

My Experience at Leticia Haute Coiffure with Pierre

I knew I was going to love my experience at Leticia Haute Coiffure within 5 minutes of walking in. Firstly, I was greeted by a lovely little dog called Jack who is a little Kind Charles Spaniel. Jack was curled up in his basket but soon came out to say hello (I imagine he picked up the scent of Mimi!) We had some cuddles whilst I had a cuppa and waited for Pierre to finish up with his client before me. Then we had a little chat about my hair and what I was after in my cut. My hair was very long and the ends quite dry, so I made it quite clear that I was not precious about my hair and gave Pierre strict instructions to cut off as much as necessary for the best possible health and cut for my hair. Once we’d planned the chop – subtle layers to give life and lightness to my dry and heavy hair that was just hanging there – I went for a hair wash with Pierre’s lovely assistant, whose name unfortunately escapes me (how typical of me to remember a dog’s name but not the person’s!)

Once back in the chair Pierre gave me a mini head, neck and shoulder massage, something that every client is indulged in to make them feel more at ease, relaxed and like this haircut really is a luxury pampering. Pierre’s method of haircutting and blowdrying is unlike any other I have ever witnessed. There are no hair clips used to segment the hair, in both disciplines the hair is separated by keeping the hair pushed over on the other side of the head. My blow dry was under 5 minutes, my haircut took about 10-15 minutes and I’ve been in salons where the process has taken three times the amount of time I just stated! My hair is quite fine when you consider the individual strands but there is a helluva lot of it! Simple but effective, Pierre truly does give the fastest blow dry in the west, probably the east and quite possibly the whole world!

I walked out with bouncy hair, relaxed shoulders and ready for my fill of Christmas lunch, dinner and dancing! Check out my before and after pictures below! You can clearly see how much healthier my hair looks from the body and flow of the layers. The after pic is the morning after the night before, I’ve not done anything to my hair except cool blast it with the hair drier with my head upside down. Pierre shared this tip with me and revealed that the blow dry would last three days as long as I didn’t brush my hair. He was right!

Leticia's Haute CoiffureLeticia's Haute Coiffure