Kerstin Florian Moor Mud Masque

This masque is excellent for anyone who likes getting dirty so they can get clean again. Also good for surprising people. A couple of times I’ve managed to sneak right up to Charlie and make him jump! Every time I use it I’m transported back to the mud bath at Dalyan. The Hungarian Moor mud in the tube is very different to the Turkish mud at the bath – it is much darker and has a more liquid consistency. This caught me unawares and the first time I used the masque thanks to my overeager squeeze of the tube the product squirted out, missed my hand and made a small brown puddle on the bathroom floor. Oopsie!

Kerstin Florian Moor Mud Masque

As I’ve mentioned before when I apply a masque I always want to put a nice fat layer on, however, this is the second masque where the consistency has not allowed me to do so. I am coming round to the “less is more” philosophy gradually as I have really enjoyed using these two products, found them to be effective and it means the product lasts longer. It’s hard to judge how many applications are left but I have had at least six applications and the tube appears to be about two thirds full which means although the product might be a bit on the pricey side you do get a lot of uses out of it.

Black Moor Mud is packed full of trace elements and minerals to purify the skin, drawing out toxins as it also restores and moisturises the skin. The face also appears brighter after use as the mud stimulates the circulation.

The one thing that puzzled me somewhat was the instructions, as the English copy said to leave on for up to five minutes, whilst the French copy stated 15 minutes. Unless there are some harsh chemicals to speak of in the formulation I always think a mask should be left on for 10 minutes at least, so I went with the 15 minutes. The copy also recommends keeping the masque damp with spritzes of Neroli water. I did not have any of this but found my Spa Fabulous Cleanse & Glow did a good job of this.

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