Herbfarmacy-Nail-and-Cuticle-Oil with horsetail and calendula

I’ve been having real issues with my nails of late dear readers… They’ve become extremely brittle and easily broken, so not a good look when working in my industry! Particularly when your nails seem to attract dirt within seconds of leaving the house so much that your partner comments on your grubby urchin fingernails!

There are several dietary indications if you suffer from weak nails, including vitamin C, D, E, or B deficiency, lack of zinc, iron or protein, however as I know I eat a well-balanced diet I am not pinning the blame on any kind of deficiency in particular. I am putting my weak nail-itis down to two things – hot baths and overuse of nail products. We were living in a pokey flat without a bath for two years which meant I forewent the luxury of a long soak bar the odd indulgence at both my parents’ house when we visited for weekends and my in-laws’ place when my body was screaming for some aqua-pamper therapy. Taking hot baths at too high a temperature can be dehydrating to your skin and weaken the nails, however, I do love a long soak and in my books the hotter the temperature on entry the longer I can stay in. I am incredibly picky however when it comes to just how hot. Too hot and I won’t get comfortable for my soak and will not stay in long enough for the bath to cool to a comfortable temperature. Too cold and again my time out from life is spoilt! I’m always indulging my skin post bath or shower with some super-hydrating lotion or potion, but my nails on the other hand, or should that be both hands, up until recently have been neglected!

Now, we all know that nail polishes are not the best product for the health of your nails, but painted fingers and toes just look SO much prettier! When looking for polish, always search out at least a 3-free from formula but preferably a 5-free. The downside with 5-free is they take longer to dry, just make sure you set aside enough time! Also, always give your nails a break at least every two weeks for a day or two. Easier said than done in this beauty business, especially as time shy as I am. It’s far quicker to paint over the chips than to remove the whole coat.

The times when you’re not wearing nail polish, keep your nails trimmed, shaped and filed (again this is something I am guilty of neglecting to do!) Nails that are already weak and broken are much easier to snag and catch when they are not smooth.

To help repair my nails I’ve been trying out award-winning Herbfarmacy Nail & Cuticle Oil with Horsetail and Calendula. Having applied religiously for the last month, I’ve noticed my nails are looking more nourished and have been less prone to breakage, although I have also been keeping my nails in better shape so this might be why! Horsetail helps strengthen the nails, whilst Lemon Myrtle and Calendula encourage growth and Calendula also helps repair any damage.

I’m not going to be bare-nailed for much longer though, as I’m really looking forward to putting Bad Apple Cosmetics Nail Polish to the test. I was elated when they sent me a selection of their colours to try – it’s going to be tough deciding which to try first!

Bad-Apple-Cosmetics -Nails