Green People Age Defy+

Back in early autumn, I was lucky enough to be invited to the press launch of Green People Age Defy+ range at Soho Hotel.

It was ace to hang out with mother and daughter team Charlotte and Sandra for the morning, as well as Sue their long-serving Sales & Marketing Manager and learn the science behind the Age Defy+ formulations. Much fun was had talking beauty, business and kissing the sky (more on that another day!)
Green People Age Defy+

I’ve now had a chance to try most of Green People Age Defy+ range and really enjoyed all of the products!

This range has definitely launched Green People into the realms of serious skincare. That’s not to say that their everyday beauty lines are not effective – I am a big fan of their Vita Min Mask and Fruit Scrub Exfoliator, read more here – it’s just this range looks, feels and performs at a higher level on the first signs of ageing I’m experiencing; fine lines!
Green People have been developing the Age Defy+ range for the past five years. The market for premium natural and organic skincare is so competitive that they knew unless the products were perfect it would be hard pushed to succeed. I’ve heard it said you shouldn’t package beauty in black and white, but personally, I think the packaging looks chic, modern and elegant. The look is close enough to the original line to be recognisable as the Green People brand, but the monochrome gives a very distinguished feel in my opinion.
The range features a plethora of bioactive age-defying botanicals (33 to be precise!) that work in synergy to lift, firm, tighten and brighten the skin. Green People are famous for their use of nature’s finest ingredients, but for this range, they spent a lot of time working with a scientist in a lab to combine their knowledge and create products featuring clinically proven anti-ageing ingredients. The range is marketed as being for women aged 35+ however as we always say prevention is better than cure, particularly when it comes to ageing!
As well as the products reviewed, there are two body care products – Exfoliating Body Creme and Body Contour & Sculpt Body Lotion – and an anti-ageing supplement called Green Beauty with Astaxanthin.
Green People Age Defy+

Now onto the products-

Green People Age Defy+ Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator

Green People Age Defy+ Soft Buff Skin exfoliator

Skin tends to get drier and more sensitive as we age, which is why this exfoliating product is ideal for more mature skin types. It’s incredibly gently despite have a powerful 3-way exfoliation –

  • enzymatic exfoliation from pineapple enzymes to remove dead skin cells
  • physical exfoliating action of bamboo stem extract
  • mineral exfoliation from bentonite clay, which dissolves congestion and unblocks pores

This product feels so gentle on the skin that it’s hard to believe how effective it is. The gorgeous citrus notes of mandarin, neroli and orange make this a wonderfully uplifting product. It’s best used twice a week for fresh-looking skin. I love how soft this product leaves my skin feeling before I’ve even moisturised! There are 24 beauty-enhancing actives in the product which not only exfoliate the skin but speed up cell renewal, help increase the penetration of moisturisers, serums and other skincare products.

Available from £19.95 Green People Age Defy+ Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator

Age Defy+ Cleanse & Soothe Balm

Green People Age Defy+ Cleanse-and-Soothe-Balm

My skin loved this cleansing balm, oil felt balanced by it and my cheeks felt well looked after – no dryness. The organic muslin cloth packaged with the product was a pleasant and welcome surprise, especially as mine always seem to go missing in the wash!  The aroma is interesting, it’s extremely subtle. The essential oils used are neroli, Ylang Ylang, jasmine and myrrh. There’s also EFA-rich Pomegranate and rose hip to plump and regenerate, antioxidant-loaded Perilla oil and balancing Jojoba.

This product is excellent for taking your makeup off-eyes included! My skin was left feeling smooth and soft as well as looking radiant before I had even moisturised!

Available from £29.95 Green People Age Defy+ Cleanse & Soothe Balm