Fish Pedicure

My visit to Asase Spa back in February was my first fish pedicure treatment, I tend to treat the feet at home (read more here about one of my favourite feet treats). It was one of those things I had been meaning to experience for ages but never quite got round to it. I had been delaying putting this post up until we had some sandal weather but it has since become apparent that this is just not happening any time soon and I am now wearing my sandals anyway. I’m not the only one either, big up to all the ladies rocking their sandals in the rain.

I happened to be in south-west London so I paid a visit to the relatively new Asase Spa for my fish pedicure. I had a peek in the treatment rooms and everywhere was newly and tastefully decorated, very clean, fresh and airy. The fish pedicure treatment was a new offering, so new that the spa was still waiting for a shipment of fish so not all tanks were in use! The treatment was proving very popular in the area with around 8 people coming in for the treatment whilst I was there. I was very pleased to see as there had been some terrible coverage of fish pedicures in the papers claiming that people could catch HIV and Hepatitis C, and as usual the researching was inaccurate and the reporting sensationalised.  For a more accurate account click here

With my extreme ticklishness, I was slightly concerned that the fish pedicure would be too much to bear, as my feet are the most ticklish part of my body. I gingerly dipped my feet in and waited for the nibbling to commence. Those little fishies got to work, and I need not have worried for the sensation was but a mild tingle, not the intense, uncontainable giggle-causing feeling I had feared. The fish in question are called Garra Rufa fish, also known as “doctor fish”, they are a tiny type of toothless carp that nibble on the dead and hardened skin.

My feet had a lot of hard and dry skin on them, partly because we were coming out of winter but also because I didn’t do any home pampering for a couple of weeks purposefully in order to test the effectiveness of the fish pedicure. After about 25 minutes in the tank, my feet emerged and were finished off with a little foot rub with some delicious fruity cream. Before the cream went on I checked the final result and whilst they were much smoother the therapist recommended I came in again to finish off my heels which still had some hardened skin on them.

All in all, this was a lovely spa, with a great friendly buzz (I chatted with all the clients who had the pedicure) and the customer service was excellent – polite and knowledgable.

Fish Pedicure