Festival Natural Beauty Essentials
With Glastonbury drawing to a close this evening, it’s safe to say that the festival season is in full swing! I’ve only been once but I loved it and would jump at the chance to go again but it is such a rigmarole trying to get tickets. I’ve tried many more times but failed and quite often I forget the date when the tickets go on sale and miss out as a result! This year I’m off to Boomtown with some dear friends and we’ve decided to Glamp it up! We’re very very excited about this! What festivals are you off to and what are your beauty essentials? I’d love to hear from you so why not leave a comment below, Facebook Biteable Beauty or tweet me @biteablebeauty
When you go to a festival you want to take as little stuff as possible, travel light in terms of clothes and beauty essentials. Here’s my roundup of what to take with you!

Biteable Beauty’s Festival Beauty Essentials Roundup

Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Sachets – let’s face it, food isn’t always that great at festivals and it’s often overpriced. These Amazing Grass sachets are ideal for keeping your nutrient intake up. They have 25 billion probiotics at the time of bottling, along with loads of nutrient-rich whole foods including spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae, kelp and sea lettuce. The perfect pick-me-up for the morning after the night before. I usually opt for Berry Green Superfood when at home, read my post here, but this is more of an all in one as it has probiotics in it so no need to bring a separate supplement!

RAW reserve amazing grass festival beauty essentials

Pacifica Perfume Tahitian Gardenia – I love these fragrances from Pacifica! They are natural blends of essential oils created by a surfer in California. Tahitian Gardenia is a beautiful floral fragrance with notes of gardenia, jasmine, sweet orange and tea leaf. The handy roll on this is packaged in means it’s easy to keep on you at all times, either in your pocket or bag. Great stuff! As well as this fragrance, I also love the Mediterranean Fig!
pacifica tahitian gardenia roll on perfume festival beauty essentials
Organyc Wet Wipes – now these are meant for the nether regions but I have tried them and can safely say they can also be used on your face! They are organic cotton sheets soaked in gentle and soothing extracts of calendula and chamomile. Ideal for keeping your bits clean, which is great if you can’t face the cold and sometimes grotty showering facilities the festival has to offer!
ORGANYC wet wipes female intimate festival beauty essentials
Dr Bronner’s Patchouli Lime Body Balm – this is a tin of skin-loving ingredients! Jojoba, hemp and avocado oils with beeswax soften, smooth and moisturise the skin. I chose Patchouli Lime for patchouli’s natural affinity with hippies, but for those of you who don’t care for it, there are other scents on offer – Orange Lavender, Peppermint Orange and Naked, a fragrance-free option. Use this product as a moisturiser everywhere, it also doubles as a lip balm too!
Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Magic Liquid Soap –  I am a massive Dr Bronner fan, love the people and the products! Read my post about Dr Bronner here. The great thing about this soap is it’s many uses! Use it to wash your body and hair (be sure to rinse the latter very thoroughly) clean your teeth and if you run out of clothes you can do some laundry by hand!
Dr Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitising Spray – a new product to the UK market which I am loving! I have one in my bag at all times and one on my desk. Perfect for cleaning hands after toilet trips and before and after eating! This product also doubles up as a deodorant!
dr bronner's festival beauty essentials
Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner – a new favourite of mine from the Antipodes range of exquisite natural and organic products from New Zealand. This contains New Zealand Waiwera artesian water, voted the world’s best water, raspberry extract which is high in omegas and helps strengthen stressed and delicate skin, and antioxidant-rich Mamaku black fern which assists with healthy cell proliferation. This is a great product to use after a face wipe and also to carry around for a refreshing spritz during the day.
Antipodes ANANDA Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner
Lavera Style & Care Gel – this product is a great alternative to mascara at festivals, which has a tendency to run and smudge at festivals due to heat, rain and general revelry. It gives definition and helps lashes look longer and fuller whilst conditioning them in the hope that they will become just that. You can also use it on your eyebrows too!
Jane Iredale Blusher in Whisper – a little bit of colour on your cheeks does your look a world of good! The late nights, drinking and dancing can take its toll on your appearance at a festival but a little bit if blusher can effectively hide your tiredness, as can sunglasses. Combine the two and you’re on to a winner!
Jane Iredale Quad Bronzer in Moonglow – just like blusher, bronzer can mask tired complexions and give us more of a glow! This bronzer from Jane Iredale is simply gorgeous, it gives a beautiful shimmer to the skin.
Ecotools Kabuki Brush – this is an excellent tool, Ecotools brushes are excellent quality and I saw recently that they are now available in Boot’s stores. The handles are made from bamboo, the ferrules recycled aluminium and the bristles synthetic Taklon-cruelty-free brushes!
Jane Iredale Ecotools Festival Beauty Essentials
Jane Iredale Lip  PureGloss in Tangerine – love everything about this lipgloss-
  • the colour is excellent and really fun – a light orangey coral pink
  • the fact it’s not sticky or tacky but feels smooth on the lips
  • the smell is delicious – sweet and fruity but not sickly

JANE-IREDALE-pureGLOSS tangerine festival beauty essentials

Finally, don’t forget your sunglasses! Rain or shine they will always come in handy for giving you instant festival cool. What are your must-have festival beauty essentials?

sunglasses festival beauty essentials