Dr Bronner Liquid Soaps

Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soaps really are magic. I love everything about them and can’t really find fault. The brand offers a range of fragranced soaps, all certified organic and fair trade, so you can be sure to find something for everybody. My personal favourites from the range are Almond (smells like marzipan!), Rose (Persian Rose, one of my favourite scents) and the new Green Tea (light and fresh, great for summer). I also use the Unscented Baby Mild formula for washing my makeup brushes.

It’s not just the actual quality of these soaps (a few literal drops on a pouffe is all you need to wash from head to toe) but also the story and passion of the man himself, which lives on through the soaps today. Emmanuel Bronner wasn’t actually a doctor, he studied a soap-masters degree, which he considered the equivalent of a doctorate. He was born in 1908 to a Jewish family who had been making soap since 1858. In 1929 Emmanuel emigrated to America, bringing his top quality bar and liquid soaps with him, fearing the rise of the Nazi Party. He begged his parents to come with him but they refused, the last contact he had with them was a postcard that had been censored. It simply read, “You were right. —Your loving father.”

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps was started in 1948, and the formula remains the same today. The brand started small but in the late 60’s the sales exploded creating an iconic brand that offered ecological quality but also carried Dr Bronner’s urgent message which rang true with the hippy movement – that we should all unite regardless of colour, creed, culture, ethnicity to save our ‘Spaceship Earth’. Pick up a bottle of Dr Bronner’s soap today and this message is ever present, with his Moral ABC and All-One-God-Faith text, and this is something that will always be honoured by the company even if the goals of the descendants of Bronner are somewhat different to their radical thinking father/grandfather/great-grandfather!

Dr Bronner had 18-in-1 uses for the soap, which you can read more about here I have tried out many of these uses and will now share with you my findings –

  1. Body Washing – for lather to the litre, this soap cannot be beaten. There’s a really fun video showing the foaming potential of the soap here.
  2. Hair Washing – I’ve tried using a few of the soaps as shampoo and unfortunately I find that the product doesn’t rinse well enough and leaves a residue at the roots. Perhaps shorter hair types will have more success. I also just read about using the Shikakai Conditioning Rinse in the FAQs on the Dr Bronner website, and the name implies it may help with the rinsing!
  3. Facial Steam – apply a few drops (I prefer Lavender and/or Rose for this, although if you’re congested try Eucalyptus or Peppermint) to a hot steamy facial flannel, open up and place over face. Relax and leave for 10 minutes or as long as desired. The florals will relax, whilst Eucalyptus or Peppermint will clear the head and invigorate.
  4. Teeth Cleaning – for cleaning my teeth I found this product works perfectly well (just a couple of drops on the toothbrush) and I also use this to clean Mimi’s teeth. Mimi HATES having her teeth cleaned with a passion, but I find she’s more tolerant if I use this product instead of natural toothpaste.
  5. Pet Washing – Whilst we’re on the subject of Mimi, I also use Dr Bronner’s soap to wash her coat, unlike my hair it rinsed really easily from her shorthaired coat. I found the Almond fragrance did not stay on her as the Rose fragrance did, I have also used the Baby Mild on her.
  6. Shaving – I work up a luxuriously thick lather with plenty of water and find this really effective, I think the oil content helps to protect the skin from any dryness or irritation
  7. Laundry – found the liquid soap to be great for both machine washes and hand washing, again the rose fragrance last longer than the almond. Haven’t tried this out but just read on the website that using baking soda with the soap produces even better results.
  8. Cleaning – I have used the liquid soap for washing up as well as cleaning surfaces and again it performed really well. I haven’t tried it on any heavy duty cleans but will update the post if I do. The website recommends 1 part to 40 for regular cleaning and half or even full strength for more stubborn stains/grimier tasks.

Have you tried Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps? Do you find them as magical as I do? How do you use yours? I would love to hear from you!

Available from onlynaturals.co.uk Magic Liquid Soaps from Dr Bronner.

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