Dizao Organics Lip Balm

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the team behind Dizao Organics Lip Balms at Vivaness,

who described my revealing of one of their Lip Balms from my handbag as a “monumental moment.” They very kindly popped me a few samples in the post last year and I have been hooked ever since.

Dizao Organics Lip Balm

If you are a lip balm addict I strongly recommend checking out Dizao Organics superior range of them!

Dizao Organics offer not only lip balms that are certified organic by the USDA but they offer a rainbow of colour options! As a friend I was out for dinner commented: “look at you, ready for the night in two seconds!” The colours are fun and flirty and really do uplift your face in one fell application! Or two should I say, one for each lip!


Favourites of mine from the Dizao Organics Sweet Set 95% Organic Lip Balms are delicious Chocolate & Shea Butter, Fig and Pomegranate. The other three contained are Sea Buckthorn, Strawberry Ice Cream and Cinnamon & Shea Butter.


There’s also another beautiful gift box set called the Dizao Organics Lovely Set which is a set of six Dizao Organics Lip Colour Balms.


Reading the ingredients list and you can see that much time and thought has gone into Dizao Organics formulas.

Whilst the colour products are based around one main formula with a different colour enhancer, the organic products are rather varied but all contain an array of lip-loving oils and waxes. And as Mr BB pointed out, these products are not sticky or tacky but feel smooth, soft and taste delicious!