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and Better Than EVER!

Hello my beauties,

And a happy Sunday to you all. I’m back! It’s been a while, nearing five months. Time has flown. I was only meant to take a couple of months off over the summer to focus on growing my business, but the relaunch date kept moving. Much like my holiday to Italy, only we’ve still not made it there yet!

On one hand it’s been a tough year and rather emotional. Yet on the other it’s been an exciting time full of big changes, happiness and positivity. I try to see the positive side to everything however there have been times when I’ve felt like giving it all up and running away somewhere where life is a bit easier (not to mention warmer and sunnier!) I now realise post-holiday to Antigua that was exactly what I needed – a holiday. Bar a few days in Shropshire in May I hadn’t had a proper day off in a year. I was fast approaching burnout and possible breakdown. Even in Antigua I was still working every day, although I must admit looking out to this view whilst working does eliminate all stress!

It’s with great pleasure and pride that I am relaunching Biteable Beauty. I hope all my readers will understand and forgive my hiatus. It was becoming a chore to keep the blog updated rather than something I loved and enjoyed. I now feel ready to return to the scribe’s chair and keep you updated with all things natural beauty, health and lifestyle. I wanted to thank everybody in the beauty industry who voted for me in the Who’s Who of Natural Beauty – I hurtled up the charts to number 5, a leap of 6 places from last year. I was in excellent company too. You can read more about the Who’s Who of Natural Beauty and the Natural Beauty Yearbook here. I had predicted and hoped that I would come in at number 5 this year, largely because it’s my lucky number, and my favourite one too!

You’ll notice we’ve had a facelift, another reason I didn’t blog for so long. I wasn’t happy with my blog’s appearance and couldn’t find the right platform to rememdy that. So I left it looking not so pretty for a while. I hope you like the new look – would love to hear what you think! Finally, if there are any topics you would like me to write about or products you want me to give my honest opinion on, I’m all ears! You can contact me on or Tweet me @biteablebeauty. The plan is to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – let’s see how I get on 🙂

With love and best wishes,

rebecca goodyear biteable beauty