Beyond Organic Age Defying Ultra Radiance
Any regular Biteable Beauty readers will know I’m a massive Beyond Organic fan so I was all ears when I first caught wind of a new range of powerful anti-ageing products.

As with the rest of the range Beyond Organic Age Defying Ultra Radiance Collection is made with 100% natural ingredients and all have over 91% organic ingredients.

It’s safe to say Beyond Organic is setting the pace along with Antipodes and Green People’s Age Defy+ range in natural products that are combining the latest in scientific beauty knowledge with clinically-proven active botanicals.

The hero ingredients in Beyond Organic Age Defying Ultra Radiance range include-

Sweet Blue Lupin peptides – these are water-soluble proteins which work synergistically with other ingredients to enhance skin repairing properties. It also helps prevent UV damage to the skin and stimulates collagen and elastin production.
Alpine Rose – helps protect skin against environmental stressors and skin protein oxidation whilst restoring skin’s resilience. The leaves contain precious flavonoids such as taxifolin, noted for its antioxidant properties. It thus protects the skin from oxidative damage; inhibiting the carbonylation of cutaneous proteins – an irreversible, irreparable and age-related process.
Oat beta-glucans – clinically proven to be more effective than hyaluronic acid in wrinkle reduction.
First impressions are important to me, it’s my belief that beauty products should look beautiful! I like the regular blue packaging of the Beyond Organic range, however, I LOVE the fact this range comes packaged up in purple pots. It makes me very happy!

Beyond Organic Ultra Radiance Age Defying Cleanser

Beyond Organic Age Defying Ultra Radiance Cleanser

The Ultra Radiance Age-Defying Cleanser is an innovative product. When dispensed the cleanser is a thick gel but upon contact with water it turns to a milky consistency that easily washes off with water. Along with Sweet Blue Lupin, Beyond Organic’s signature herb blend (as seen in their Detoxifying Cleanser, another favourite of mine!) of restorative Burdock, cleansing and healing Yarrow, and reparative, anti-inflammatory and astringent Comfrey.

There are three ways to use this product, it can be used on wet or dry skin –

1) massage onto dry skin with dry hands. Then rinse off with warm water either in the shower, using your hands or a damp muslin cloth.

2) massage onto wet face and neck with damp hands then rinse off.

3) moisten a cotton wool pad, apply a pump of gel and wipe over the face.

Biteable Beauty’s Verdict – this product is lush and you only need half a pump to a pump, I was sent a small sample and it lasted for weeks! The gel consistency means it’s great for properly massaging into the skin and the herb blend gives off a refreshing and uplifting aroma. Great for removing makeup, I tended to use method one at night, method two in the morning when in the shower, and the third method I just tried out a couple of times. It worked really well but I find cotton wool pads a bit of a faff truth be told. My kin was left feeling smooth and clean, without tightness.

Available from Ultra Radiance Age-Defying Cleanser 50ml £60

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