Having worked at the various UK beauty shows, both trade and consumer, I was interested to see not only how the Parisians did it but also to see what brands were exhibiting and hopefully uncover some new gems. I was not disappointed. Now it claims its the largest event in Europe but I wouldn’t say it was noticeably bigger than any of the UK shows… Maybe I’m not so good at observing these kinds of measurements.

I was pleasantly surprised that there was only one brand that I recognised, Lavera. All the others were new for me to explore and I was delighted to find quite a heavy emphasis on natural and organic products. I spent a great afternoon here, spoke to lots of lovely people about their brand and was lucky enough to receive samples from several of the brands to review and write up about on here. Many of them are not available in the UK yet which I am particularly disappointed about as I found possibly the best natural hair care products yet from a brand called Less is More. Full review to be posted soon. Thanks to Google Analytics however I know I have some French readers as well as representatives from many more European countries, so my reviews will be of interest to some of you at least!