Whilst at The Vitality Show with Evolve Beauty, I met two lovely sisters from Nottingham. They were very excited about my blog, and so I promised them my first blog post. I’ve fallen for their Nubian Twist Body Butter, which I have utilised in several different ways. First I tried it out on my body. I love the way the balance of fragrances in each scoop is slightly different. Sometimes the cocoa comes through, other times the geranium, on occasion a hint of mango. After applying, my arms and legs had a beautiful sheen whilst the essential oils absorbed in to the skin. Once absorbed my skin felt feather soft and looked super smooth. Nubian Twist provides perfect nourishment for skin that’s been hidden away and neglected all winter. Next I experimented with overnight treatments on my hands and feet, smothering my appendages with the Nubian Twist Body Butter before placing in my moisturising gloves and booties from Urban Spa for the night. The morning revealed a transformation of both my hands and feet, silky soft skin all over. If, like me, your hands and feet tend to be rather dry and neglected, I highly recommend this treatment!

Finally, I decided to try it on my hair, as it is also recommended as an excellent hair conditioner. Now, the first time I used this, I shampooed and then conditioned and unfortunately the product didn’t wash away completely, there was an oily residue left behind. However, having seen the effects on my body, I had a think and decided to give it another go but in a different way. I applied to my dry hair the next night and in the morning I rinsed and then followed with shampoo. I’ve read about people conditioning and then shampooing previously, but never really understood why. As usual I left my hair to dry naturally. The results? Soft, shiny, silky, manageable hair that smelt wonderful.

This product is fabulous for dry skin and hair, you just need to look at the ingredients to see – anti oxidant mango and cocoa, nourishing shea, regenerative avocado oil and moisturising olive oil. A true feast fit for the skin!

Nubian Twist Body Butter is available from Naturals @ Evindi, http://www.naturalsatevindi.com/, £10 for 120ml.