I truly love Evolve Beauty products. I handle their PR and marketing and it is so important to believe in a brand you represent.  As my blog progresses, I will be recommending products to friends to get their feedback on them, however, I wanted to share with you my top picks and what makes them so great. Fear not, my blog is not going to turn in to a walking ad for all the brands I represent, that’s definitely not what BB is about.

Most mornings I have a shower to revive my senses and prepare for the day ahead.  I wash my hair every two to three days, and I mostly use Evolve’s Detox Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo smells deliciously sweet of caramel, whilst the conditioner is a bit more fruity. Both contain an African superfood, Moringa Seed, which is used in Africa to purify water.  This ingredient locks on to any pollutants or build up of styling products on the hair and rinses them away without stripping your hair of any natural oils. Perfect for city dwellers. To add shine and softness to hair, there are natural and organic ingredients coconut, wheat proteins and Amazonian pracaxi oil. I love how these products smell and how manageable they leave my hair.  I must warn that with the conditioner, you have to comb through before rinsing (as it says on the bottle!) and I continue to do so whilst rinsing to ensure all the product is washed out.  Otherwise, a bit like the Nubian Twist in my hair, I find a slight residue is left behind.

To wash my body, I use the Daily Apple Hair and Body Wash.  I love the zingy apple scent first thing in the morning, it really helps to wake me from my sleep.  The fragrance means men can use it too, Charlie also uses this one. The product is great for all skin types, even sensitive, as it has gentle ingredients such as coconut, aloe and wheat proteins to cleanse, soothe and nourish the skin.  I always use a sponge or puff, as well as creating a nice luxurious lather, it also gently exfoliates the skin.  To wash my face, I use the Daily Detox Facial Wash, which contains powerful antioxidant Goji berries, along with the aforementioned moringa seed.  This product is again great for urbanites, as it helps get rid of any dirt and pollution from the skin’s surface.  The face wash smells of berries, super yummy!

Once out of the shower and dried off, I use REN’s Active 7 Radiant Eye Maintenance Gel around the eyes, and Evolve’s Multi-Action Single Cream in the Summer, and Double Cream in the Winter.  This product truly changed my skin.  I used to get irritated spotty skin around my chin, as I see so many women with.  This can be due to hormones, but fragrances and synthetic ingredients can cause irritation and an imbalance of oils in the skin.  Evolve’s creams contain natural anti ageing ingredients from coconut (and smells deliciously of coconut!) along with organic argan oil (used in African beauty rituals for centuries) in a nourishing shea butter base.  My favourite body cream from the Evolve range is the Mega Omega Body Cream, I use it all over and I even carry it around in my handbag me as my hand cream.  This contains Inka Inchi Oil, a Peruvian superfood with the highest naturally found concentration of omega 3s, along with almond peptides to help seal in the moisture for long-lasting hydration. This cream goes in really well, is non-greasy and leaves the skin soft and smooth to touch.

20 minutes and ready to face the world. Good morning!

Evolve Beauty Detox Shampoo, £9.99, Detox Conditioner, £9.99, Daily Apple Hair and Body Wash, £8.49, Daily Detox Facial Wash, £12.99, and Multi-Action Cream £14.99, www.evolvebeauty.co.uk