I have been a big fan of Jonathan Ward’s candles for quite some time now. I love the Black collection, inspired by South American travels. True, I have a yearning to go back to South America and travel extensively, but I also love the dark, earthy fragrances of these candles. Walk in Machu Picchu and Kiss in Rio are my two favourites. I’ve recently been getting into the Amber Collection, recently investing in Ode To Euan.

I’ve met Jonathan a few times now on the glamorous sales demo circuit in Whole Foods and Planet Organic stores. He is charming and always so lovely to talk to about anything, but he is really passionate about his products (as am I!) So, imagine my excitement when I learnt he was holding a candle making course at High Street Kensington Whole Foods, where I not only got to learn the art of candle making first hand from him, but also take home a candle! And all for £10, what a bargain!

I wasn’t expecting to learn that much from the evening, but I did! I now feel I could give the art of candle making a good go at home, expect a video post capturing my efforts soon enough! I learnt that Jonathan uses ethically sourced organic soy. The sad thing is many people buying soy products think they are being green and healthy, however, soy producers are responsible for the destruction of many parts of the rainforest and soy in the diet is not as healthy as one might first assume. Jonathan combines beeswax with his soy (I think the wax is 92% soy to 8% beeswax) to ensure the fragrances added to the product are firstly retained in the mixture and secondly the beeswax helps to elevate the fragrances into the room better whilst the candle is burning.

To ensure the candle is aesthetically perfect, Jonathan uses a three-stage pour, which means to pour a batch of candles (he makes 100 at a time) takes up to 8 hours. The candles are all poured into Italian crystal whiskey tumblers. Once your candle has finished burning, you can simply soak to remove any residue and then reuse. Up until now, I’ve been using mine as they were designed for (i.e. for whiskey) however now, I think I will be trying my hand at pouring my own in to there!

The time and effort that goes in to designing and developing the fragrances, pouring the candles, the fact that Jonathan uses only the finest ingredients and glass for his creations, is evident in the final product. Beautiful complex scents that truly set the mood, trigger memories, awaken the senses. I’m really excited about the new candle, Santissima, which is launching in the next month or so. Inspired by a medieval church on the Amalfi coast, the main notes are Italian green tomato combined with church incense. Intrigued? So am I! Rather than the normal crystal tumblers, this candle has a lacquered white enamel jar with bronze etching for decoration. Later in the year, a new collection inspired by Russia is coming out. I am already anticipating this will be my new favourite range.

Check out his great collections here jonathanward.me