Dearest Readers,

I want to wish you all the very best for 2015! I know I feel ready to smash this year, after a very trying and difficult 2014 (for various reasons). Resolutions? Yes and no… What about you? Have you resolved to embark on a health or fitness regimen, a diet or break a habit?

The one thing I have promised myself is to make more time for myself. I think I said the same last year but didn’t keep it quite so well, partially due to aforementioned trials and tribulations of life. Making more time for me is a five fold promise, and by doing this I plan to –

  1. Make Time For Exercise! I LOVE being active in all forms (I don’t think I’ve found a sport or exercise I don’t enjoy) but it’s the first thing to go when work gets busy. I’ll be keeping you regularly updated on my latest exercise plans and sharing with you my progress. I read recently that if you were making resolutions NOT to share them with many people so you didn’t feel a burden. For me, I think the opposite is true. Sharing your goals means hopefully you have some moral support, and sharing a plan can mean you’re more likely to follow it through! Yesterday (Friday 9th) I started my 30 Day Fierce Grace Yoga Challenge. I’ve awoken this morning a little stretched in places, but I slept better than I had for about two months last night and I’m looking forward to round 2 in an hour and a half! More on the challenge to follow soon!
  2. Don’t Work As Long! This basically means not sitting on my laptop every night once I’m home from work till midnight! Running your own business you are inevitably going to have to put some extra legwork in, but that shouldn’t mean I don’t have a life. I’ve always been good at managing my time, but for a while I was obsessed with the “Inbox 0” idea and getting SO many emails each day (I’m talking hundreds) meant that I was chasing an impossibility.  Also one has to ask, does have 0 emails equate to efficient work and meaningful work?  I think you’ll find not. So, I’m working smarter. Some nights I will of course have deadlines, but on every night when I reach for my Macbook I first ask the question, “can it wait till tomorrow”?
  3. Make Time For My Family and Friends! It’s very easy to spend all day and night working or slump in a cosy front room with a man and a dog when that’s what you come home to, but you only have one life and you should see you family and friends more often. Speak to them regularly, check in to see they’re OK. The ones who don’t reply to your messages, support you in life, make an effort to see you or even exclude you from their social life, let them go. They’re not good friends and you have better ones.
  4. Read More! So far I’ve been performing alright at this one. I am half way through my second book of 2015. The first was a northern England female detective call Kate Brannigan, and the book was called Crack Down. It was actually written in the 90s, but other than the Tina Turner T-shirt and video tape reference it could have been written today. I’m now reading a classic – The 39 Steps by John Buchan. I actually picked this one up as I thought it was short due to its slimness, however my copy has the tiniest writing ever! Really enjoying the read though, it’s a gripping story! I may start reviewing books on Biteable too – another way for me to keep this resolution.
  5. Cook and Bake More!  I love cooking. And baking. Mr BB is an extremely accomplished cook however, and with him working from home and being in the nest before me he ends up preparing most of the evening meals. And because he cooks in the week, he also tends to cook on the weekends out of habit. But with my new found time I want to start cooking and baking more (Mr BB is not much of a baker – but loves the end results!) and I plan to share with you a weekly recipe.

So, that’s all from me for now. I’d love to hear YOUR resolutions, please leave a comment below, but right now I’ve got to hit the kitchen (having been to Fierce Grace, NOT spent all day working, read some of my book and seen a friend)! x