A Birthday Trip to Tea and Kew Gardens

For the past two birthdays, I’ve been lucky enough to visit Kew Gardens. There’s something about that place I truly love, to me it’s almost magical! Even though I usually prefer the more natural landscape of Hampstead Heath. This year before we went through the garden gates, Mr BB took me to a wonderful little gem for afternoon tea, The Original Maids of Honour. It’s really close to Kew Gardens so if you are paying a visit I suggest you head there too!

The Original Maids of Honour is a tea shop where all the cakes and savoury treats are homemade using fresh and natural ingredients. The baking business has been going in this same location for over 120 years, although legend has it Henry VIII came to visit and loved their Maids of Honour cakes so much he took the recipe and kept it guarded under lock and key in Richmond Palace! In keeping with the olde worlde feel, there are some rather quaint traditional delivery vans that are still in use.


It was such a mild afternoon, if slightly overcast for my liking, so we took a table outside in the tea garden and perused the menu. I had already spied a coffee Choux bun inside the shop, and Mr BB a chocolate one, but Mr BB was also intent on having a passionfruit cheesecake so we ordered three cakes in total!


And a little bit of birthday wine (it would be rude not to!)


As you may have noticed in the wine pic Mr BB and I did half and half our Choux buns, the norm with our cake exploits, and pretty much everything in life.


My verdict on The Original Maids of Honour Tea Shop? I loved it, a great way to begin a birthday treat. I love the naturalness and freshness of the cakes, the fact it’s real cream from real cows being used. They taste homemade and as though a lot of love has gone into making them, not to mention high-quality ingredients. This was definitely one of my favourite birthdays ever at Kew Gardens, it just got better as the day went on, and with this as a starting point that’s really saying something!

For more information visit theoriginalmaidsofhonour.co.uk