Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfood for Dogs

Din Dins for Beloved Cats and Dogs Everywhere

Mimi always loves dinner time (a little too much some might say!), but I’ve been loving giving Mimi her Din Dins even more recently, as it has Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfoods mixed into it. This is a superfood blend made especially for our four-legged friends. There’s Din Dins Wickedly Raw for dogs, one for cats and a Super Seniors Glucosamine for senior doggies. I’ve also just seen that there are some Omega-3 supplements on their way for cats and dogs – very exciting developments are afoot over at Din Dins HQ.

If I’m honest with you, Mimi probably eats better than a lot of humans I know – she doesn’t eat conventional dog food but instead, she chows down on a mixture of raw mince, human meat leftovers and tinned fish. I add to this the Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfood along with some Diatomaceous Earth, which I will be writing a blog post about at a later date. I’ve also been taking Diatomaceous Earth for a while now, it has many health benefits for humans as well! Her grooming regime is natural, read about the excellent products from the Dogs Trust here. Mimi also got sent some goodies from Scruffy Chops to try recently, review coming just as soon as she can be bothered to shower!

What’s in Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfood for Dogs?

Din Dins is a unique blend of superfoods, herbs, probiotics, phytonutrients, chlorophyll, antioxidants, fatty acids and naturally occurring enzymes. The ingredient list reads – Pre-sprouted barley (organic), Seagreens® Ascophyllum (organic), Nettle leaf, Cleavers, Linseed (Flaxseed), Burdock root, Dandelion leaf, Alfalfa, Cranberry (whole fruit), Parsley leaf, Carrot (organic), Grapefruit seed extract, Bilberry, Papain (2,000 u/g), Probiotic: EU-registered probiotic strain Enterococcus faecium. None of these ingredients are unusual for human supplementation, I have taken them all at some point with the exception of Cleavers, which is a herb found in this country and it is believed to have diuretic properties and be effective at treating bladder infections.

How does Din Dins Benefit Dogs?

Just like superfood supplementation in humans, the list of benefits for our canine companions is as long as your arm. It helps fight and prevent infections, cure rashes and baldness, stops itching, relieves skin conditions, food intolerances,  pigmentation, and helps glossy coats. Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfood for Dogs is great for puppies, pregnancy, immunity, vitality, blood sugars, joints, pancreatitis, maintenance of kidney issues and cystitis, runny stools, constipation, IBS/IBDS, intestinal problems, and weight maintenance. It’s really simple to incorporate into their diets as well, just add half a scoop for the first few days and build up to one scoop per 5kg of dog a day.

All dog owners should want the best for their best friends (if you don’t then maybe question why you have one!), I know I do. Since taking Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfood, Mimi’s bad breath has improved greatly, yes she still gets fish face but only after dinner mints cure that I believe!

Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfoods for Dogs

Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfoods