My dear readers, forgive me for I have sinned! I left you hanging for almost 3 months! If you looked at my Instagram prior to last Monday, you’d be led to assume that I completed my Fierce Grace 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge, celebrated with a bottle of organic Prosecco from Earth Foods and then disappear down the rabbit hole!¬†Admittedly, Twitter has been somewhat more active, but Facebook dormant other than the auto Throwback Thursday posts.

The reason for my online inactivity? Well, it’s definitely not offline inactivity! It’s fourfold really. First and foremost, I got into Fierce Grace Hot Yoga in a HUGE way, some might say verging on obsession. After my 30 day challenge, I continued to practise 4-5 times a week, up until two weeks ago when work just got ridiculously busy. Bringing me on to reason two: Natural & Organic Products Europe. The most important show of the year for us, and many of our clients! It’s not unusual for me to rack up 80+ working hours in this week, what with all the additional work for the show, preparing my annual Beauty Ingredients Buzz talk and keeping up with my other work! Thirdly, I mentioned our clients. Well, we’ve won three new clients in three months and I’m delighted to say we’re now working with Nutrabiotics, Nadeballa, and Green Energy Organics. More on those brands coming soon, but if you’re interested please head over to our Rebecca Goodyear Health & Beauty business blog to learn more. Fourth and finally, we went on a little winter sun holiday earlier in the year for a week to Cape Verde. I planned to catch up on blogging there, however I actually utilised the holiday for what holidays are for – RELAXING! And WOW did I feel fabulous for it.

I have SO many fab new brands and products to share with you, as well as cool stuff we’ve been up to, that I don’t really know where to begin BUT I do know it’s great to be back blogging and I can’t wait to reveal all.

Best wishes,

Rebecca x