A couple of months ago now on my birthday my parents came down to London for the day. We fitted in a lot for one day, a walk on Hampstead Heath with Mimi, a trip to Kenwood House & Brew House Cafe, selecting and purchasing of two pairs of glasses (my birthday present!) and dinner at St John’s Tavern in Archway.


I adore the decor inside the Brew House Cafe, all the walls are painted with artwork that looks like lots of wall hangings. A truly beautiful effect.2014-Biteable-Beauty-Kenwood-House-Brew-House-Cafe-3


The selection of cakes is rather impressive.


I wasn’t going to have a cake but as it was my birthday and everyone else was I plumped for a Mint & Blackcurrant Meringue. If I was’t going out for dinner I may well have indulged in the cheesecake or the coffee cake, both of which looked absolutely delicious!


There are some gluten free options too, for those who forego it.


We sat outside in the quaint garden area as we had Mimi with us and it was a mild, if not that sunny, day. The Brew House is as well presented from the outside as it is the inside.


After our delicious cakes and coffee/tea/lemonade, we showed my parents around Kenwood House. The exterior anyway! For those of you who don’t know, Kenwood House and its grounds are situated to the north of Hampstead Heath. A former stately home, it is now an English Heritage site.


The detailing on the south-facing facade is so pretty!

As is the view overlooking the grounds. This backs on to the heath.


On the day that we were there a wedding was taking place. The most westerly room was in use for the function, and as we walked around we discovered the most fabulous bride-mobile – a VW Campervan!

Despite having lived near to Kenwood for about half my time in London, I have never been inside Kenwood House. We didn’t go in as we had Mimi with us on this occasion. Next time we’ll sneak a peek!

I had a lovely birthday- thanks to my family and friends!

For more information on visiting Kenwood House visit english-heritage.org.uk