There are friends that you make in life that you know you will be friends with forever. No matter how lapse you are at keeping in contact, how sporadical the emails are, these guys and girls are the ones you can count on. It did come as a big surprise when Elina, one of these said friends, emailed a wedding invite! Not a surprise to be invited to the Greek wedding, more so that the last time I saw her Elina had just started dating the delightful chap whom she was to wed.

Having journeyed to Peru a few years previous for another of our friends for life’s wedding, Claudia, I knew that I had to make it to Elina’s Greek wedding! The invite advised that the event would occur early July on the Greek island of Kea. Having read up, Kea is the island that the Athenians use for their holidaying. Having visited, it became quite apparent that this island was barely touched by Brits, Europeans or Americans, the exception being the loaded ones on their yachts. It would appear this is a stop off in the Mediterranean for the well fortuned.

And so it was early July we headed to Athens, from whence we would hop on a ferry to the Greek island of Kea. The ferry is just an hour away from the mainland port of Lavrio, which is comparable with how long the transportation from the airport to the dock took! Upon docking at Korissia our landlord for the week collected us. We were staying at Horizon Studios in the  south of the island. Coincidentally, the founder of Korres had stayed there not so long ago, but our main reasons of choice were proximity to the beach, the wedding venue and, as we were travelling on a budget, the price.

This was the view we woke up every morning before the Greek Wedding = beautiful!


Regular readers of Biteable Beauty will have noted some beautifully lit, scenic shots coming through on the blog around July-August time. These were indeed shot at the Horizon Studios. The place was a perfectly adequate base for folks who wish to be in stone’s throw of the beach, for the walk down to Otzias was about seven minutes. The beach itself is sand and shingle, not the finest talcum powder you will find but still comfortable to recline on There’s also a lovely taverna where we ate lunch more or less every day. Our luncheons mainly consisted of a large Greek salad, tzatziki and chips. Big, fat, Greek chips cooked in real fat/oil, and all the more tasty for it!

Me on our own, almost private, beach!


A pic of the sea from our own, almost private beach!


The wedding itself took place in the beautiful Aigis Suites, a good twenty minutes walk in the opposite direction from Horizon Studios. Being on a budget, we walked! It was a most pleasant stroll there, and it wasn’t until we were at the foot of the hill where Aigis Suites is based it dawned on us the ascent might have caused us to break a sweat. Thankfully one of the taxi carriages took pity on us and saw us right to the party! The vista for the Greek Wedding was stunning; overlooking a bay out to sea, and more immediately a kidney-shaped pool surrounded by the dinner tables dressed in white for the evening.


Before the sun set, the wedding ceremony took place. Elina looked absolutely stunning in her white dress, with not a hint of meringue in sight.


After the wedding ceremony, which included the Greek Wedding tradition of the bride and groom feeding one another honey, to ensure a sweet and harmonious marriage, the guests began to take their seats down below.


There was a lot of eating and a lot of drinking to be done. The food was a brilliant buffet, with so much choice and beautifully presented.


We danced well into the night, although my forever friends were disappointed I didn’t have the legs to go the distance that I once did. Truth be told I believe once you’re happily coupled up the fear of missing out and the need to be the last one standing on the dance floor disappears. For me at least that’s the case!


A little further round from the Aigis Suites is a small town (if you can even call it that!) called Voukari. It’s the same bay that the view looked out over from Aigis Suites. We went for dinner here a couple of nights, the view is stunning and the reception ever so welcoming. A little further away from where we stopped on the same strip was a good place to watch the millionaire playboys docking their yachts!

This was the view from the restaurant.2014-Biteable-Beauty-Greek-Holiday-Kea-13

This is us about to order our dinner and then watch the sun go down over the water = happy holiday memories!