Zaggora Hot Pants

I was sent a pair of the original Zaggora Hot Pants some time ago now. It was when my hormones were still out of whack, I was struggling to lose any weight despite exercising and I was still eating portion sizes way too big for my activity level. I took the two week challenge, wearing these when I was going running, walking, to work and I even slept in them a couple of times (this was advocated at the time but now they advise they are best worn when active – besides I got far too hot in them in bed and they are soooo not sexy!)

At the end of the two weeks, low and behold I had not lost any inches from my waist or hips, and I was extremely disappointed. I did not weigh myself though as I do not have a pair of scales in the house – I believe you can see how in shape you look in the mirror and you can tell how physically fit you are without tying yourself to a weight goal which can just become a burden. I did notice that my legs were a little slimmer (unfortunately I didn’t measure around the tops of my thighs which is something I should have done in hindsight) and my bum was more toned.

When Zaggora launched the new Viva! Hot Pants, capri lengthed trousers as opposed to the shorts I was sent before, I was still determined to make these work for me! One visit to their website and you can see the endless positive reviews to realise that so many women cannot be wrong! I did my two weeks just after the New You Cornish Boot Camp week I did (exciting video log coming VERY soon for that!), where I lost a stone in weight and inches from my bust, waist, hips and thighs but I did work hard for it! Once back in London I was running (following the Get Running program by Matt Roberts, read more here and walking the dog in my Zaggora Hot Pants every day, mostly running sometimes doing a run in the morning and a walk in the evening. At the end of the week, I’d lost a further inch from my waist and hips and another inch from my thighs plus my legs and bum were looking more toned. Not quite the two dress sizes advertised by Zaggora, but a good result nonetheless. A couple of pointers on the Viva! variety – 1) mine were a struggle to get on when I first bought them but this did get easier after a couple of days due to give in the fabric. 2) Both the Hot Pants and Viva! Hot Pants make a funny rustling sound when you walk or run but you get used to this pretty quickly and if it bothers you that much then wear headphones!

There are a few negative comments about Zaggora to be found online, and some people are rubbishing their scientific claims, but as I said surely so may women cannot be wrong! You can also see the results of their test here admittedly only 9 subjects were used and I would like to have seen a bigger test pool but the results are there to be seen as are all the reviews. You may be wondering how these hot pants work, so I thought I would give you a little summary –  the shorts contain Cellu-Lite technology (other companies call their products bio-ceramic)  which emit far-infrared rays into the skin promoting deeper warming of tissues and breakdown of fat cells. They are made from a neoprene fabric which makes you sweat more leading to expelling of toxins and excess water retention.

Zaggora Hot Pants

Zaggora Hot Pants £44.99 and Zaggora Viva Hot Pants £50
Competition now Closed – congratulations Deena Mathew, Claire Harris and Alexandra McGahey!