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Well my beauties, I hope this post finds you in the best of health. I am getting there, and today I am sharing with you my second trip to the osteopath. You can read all about the first visit to Highgate Osteopaths here. If you have a health and wellness topic you’d like me to write about, or a question you’d like to ask why not leave a comment below, on Facebook or tweet me @biteablebeauty.

After My First Trip to Highgate Osteopathic and Shoulder Clinic

After my first session at the osteopath I felt fine, though sometimes the manipulation can leave people feeling spaced out, light headed and dizzy amongst other things. That evening we drove all the way to Shropshire for a country getaway. I was hoping that sitting in the car for a good three hours would not undo any good that the treatment had done so I took care to sit comfortably, with my seat back so I was in a relaxed position with lots of leg room. When we arrived I did not feel stiff of seised up as I sometimes do after a long car journey, note to self – make yourself comfortable and think about your positioning on every long car journey!

An idyllic weekend away in rural Shropshire meant no sitting at a computer, no carting my Macbook, Filofax and various documents around for meetings, and no inner city pressure for a few days. This I believe did my stress levels, not to mention my posture and ailments, a world of good! I was almost pain-free in my shoulder and neck for that weekend but nevertheless, upon returning to London I booked in for my next session. Going to the osteopath has definitely made me more aware of my posture, so I’m trying to sit comfortably and correctly when working at the computer and when relaxing so as not to upset my alignment.

My Return to Highgate Osteopathic and Shoulder Clinic

I was greeted at reception by the same lovely receptionist and awaited my appointment eagerly. I couldn’t wait to tell Stephen the dramatic improvement in my shoulder and neck, although some discomfort had returned in my trapezius my supraspinatus was feeling much better. Like last time we started off once again with an observation of me first standing up then sitting down before looking at the shoulder arc to identify any pain. There was no pain in the arc, however, the movement was not fluid. There was a catching point around 2/3s of the way along the arc going upwards, which stuck again on the way down. Stephen treated this with the good old needles that I experienced last week. As I’d said there was tension/pain in my trapezius we looked at that muscle first however upon closer inspection there were not the electrical knots that we’d found in the last session. Stephen advised me that this was a good sign! He then did the “three in a row” needlework which isn’t looking for knots but aiding muscle release. Experiencing this sitting up was much more intense than lying down had been, but personally, I did not find it unpleasant or uncomfortable. After the “three in a row” treatment on the shoulder and the trapezius it was time for some work on my neck which was once again very tight on the right-hand side at the base of my skull. It was time for the “less-risky than getting your hair washed at the hairdressers head shake” which on the first attempt gives off a pop in my neck however as Stephen explained the first pop is usually insignificant, it’s just freeing up the loosest of the muscles. What you really want to get into is the tightest area. This was successfully done after three shakes.

There was still some catching on my arc and something not right with my trapezius so Stephen got me to lay on my side whilst he stuck a needle in my teres minor.  A muscle with a pressure point that a doctor wrote about as “the cure-all for shoulder pain” but was wrong. The same doctor also wrote a book dismissing acupuncture but continued to use it in his treatments. He’s alive today, in his 90s and if I’ve used the internet wisely I believe he is Dr Ronald Melzack. Dr Melzack, if you’re reading this and it’s not you please don’t punish me via voodoo! I personally believe acupuncture and pressure can do wondrous things for the body! The needle in the teres minor sent strange sensations down my arm and I could feel a pressure buildup just under my elbow, but this was nothing compared to what I was about to experience in my leg. This needlepoint did seem to smooth the movement of my shoulder arc.

After the hip treatment last week I commenced practising some hip opener exercises every other day. I can really feel the difference in my hips when I walk and am determined to keep up the good work! Unfortunately, I played softball a couple of days before my appointment and although I thought my hamstring was completely recovered (it had had just over two weeks off and I warmed up really well with both stretches and running) it hadn’t. During my first sprint to first base, I felt and heard that familiar pop from the previous game, just not as intense or loudly. I had to hobble through the rest of the game as we had no subs, but I did make it on base every time. I told Stephen about the repeat injury and he proceeded to examine the right hamstring with a metallic tool known as a fascial abrasion tool. He told me that my fascia was incredibly lumpy around the area of the strain, and that the fascia was rather uneven on all my hamstring. I knew I had a big lump where the strain was as I had spent some time in the week massaging the area, so much so that I had created a flower-like bruising around it! Stephen told me it was needle time for my hamstring and that although there were not supposed to be any nerves in this area, sometimes because of the bunching of the fascia nerves could grow and collect in an area. We soon discovered this was the case as I felt a shock go down my right leg to my Achilles, then up my back and then a third and final one all the way down to my big toe! These sensations were so alien and covered such an expanse of my body that I was left feeling very surreal. But post-examination found that the fascia already felt smoother all over and whilst the strain had not cleared up completely, it was much less painful than when I went in.

Post-Visit to Highgate Osteopathic and Shoulder Clinic

Directly after my visit to the osteopath, I felt dazed, disorientated and a little confused. I had been warned that this could happen but was not expecting it as I had felt amazing after my first visit. I was a little panicked as Mr BB was running late to pick me up so I found a sunny spot in The Flask (the nearest place to the osteopath), got myself a pint of lime and soda and waited for my ride home. I didn’t really feel any better until I’d laid down in my bed for a couple of hours so be warned if you are planning a trip to the osteopath or chiropractor, just because you felt fine once doesn’t mean you necessarily will the next. I was completely caught off guard!

Three days on from the treatment and my hamstring is fully recovered, my shoulder arc movement is smooth, not catching and painless however something is not right with the roll of my shoulder. So, I will probably be revisiting Stephen in the not too distant future to hopefully iron out this shoulder once and for all. Here’s hoping!

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