Now, I doubt very much that the soap used for my Turkish hamam was natural (although there were some pictures of fruits on the bottle!), I thought it worth a mention.  On the penultimate day of our holiday, post mud bath, post Kaya village, we treated ourselves to a hamam at our hotel’s spa. We thought it would be  a good way of revealing our newly tanned skin and shedding our dead skin cells, and we were right!

After showering, we began with 10 minutes in the sauna. I love the whole hot sauna – cold shower repeat cycle, but none of this for me today, as we were straight in to the steamy room.  Here, we laid face down next to each other whilst our two masseuses went to work.  For me, this reminded me of a human car wash. and I loved it!  We started with a cold water wipe down with a towel all over, which was followed up with a full body massage. I normally have a few cricks to iron out in a massage, but I was so relaxed from the holiday I had no knots and no misalignment (I need another holiday!) I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep during this stage.  The next stage was the foam stage of the car wash, the lather and bubbles created was quite fabulous.  The masseuses used what looked like a tube made out of muslin cloth (although as I was contact lens-less I could very well be mistaken) to generate loads of bubbles and then scrubbed all over with a big long loofah on a stick.  Feeling somewhat euphoric, I left the hamam and felt quite gutted we hadn’t booked in for a hamam or two earlier on in the week.