I’ve tried various nutritional bars previously but never really savoured the flavour as such… We took some Raw Chocolate Organic Food Bars on our practice walk, and were pleasantly surprised at the chocolatey goodness. We felt a boost quite soon after we shared one of these high energy bars, so we knew these were a must have for the big walk.

This is what I gathered from their website – “Dark chocolate is one of the most potent antioxidants in nature, with a very high ORAC factor (“Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity” is a fancy term for how much a food protects you against free radical damage). ORGANIC FOOD BAR Chocolate Chip™ has  nutritional power of organic, non-dairy, dark chocolate chips.”

Along with dark chocolate there sprouted flax seeds. It has been known for some time that flax is a source of important nutrients that play a pivotal role in the prevention and treatment of many chronic illnesses and diseases. As with all grain, flax seeds are difficult for us humans to digest, but sprouting them is a way around this problem as this eliminates the husk of the grains.  Once spouted, these enzymes that protect the seed from being digested have gone and so the proteins, oils, starches and vitamins are all much more easily digested. Not only this, the vitamins are more concentrated and the Omega 3 and other fatty acids are more stable.

Since the walk, I have eaten these bars on several occasions for an energy fix, a brain boost and even just as a snack when hunger strikes.  I’ve yet to try any other bars but if they’re as tasty as this one, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

www.kinetic4health.co.uk Telephone 0845 072 5825 for stockists.