In today’s modern life it’s easy to feel stressed out, run down and to neglect our general health through not taking time for ourselves to enjoy life, poor diet and lack of activity or movement. This can leave us feeling out of sync with ourselves and unbalanced in both body and mind. To help counteract these internal reactions, Terranova has created Life Drink, an excellent super-nutrition foundation which is an ideal way to start each and every day.

Terranova Life Drink contains a staggering array of health-promoting ingredients –

  • balanced vegetable protein from peas and rice; these two proteins are combined to achieve superior amino acid profile than either protein in isolation
  • chlorophyll-rich spirulina and chlorella; to assist the body with the expelling of toxins such as heavy metals
  • a blend of no less than 10 power-berries; antioxidant-rich to protect the body and help prevent free radical damage
  • omega 3-6-9 oils; a blend of flaxseed, borage and olive oils, for heart health, cognitive function and anti-inflammatory properties
  • prebiotic fibre, 5 probiotic strains and 7 digestive enzymes; with around 275 million probiotic organisms per serving to support digestive health
  • rice bran actives; one of nature’s highest concentrations of vitamin E-related compounds and also contains B-vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals and more than 100 different antioxidant compounds
  • a mix of 10 power-greens; to assist with cleansing and provide important nutrients including anti-cancer and antimicrobial sulphoraphane and glucosinolates which may stimulate the body’s natural detoxification system
  • Power-mushroom combo of reishi and shitake; reishi helps de-stress, relax muscles and aid sleeping whilst shitake is a tonic and stimulant

With so many ingredients and potential health benefits, a wide variety of people could benefit from supplementing their diet with this power-packed powdered drink – vegetarians and vegans looking for more protein in their diet, those looking to detox heavy metals from their bodies, the health-conscious and busy types concerned that their diet is somewhat lacking. Taken on its own or in a perfect marriage with a favourite multivitamin (might we recommend the Living Multinutrient Complex), Life Drink is a deeply nourishing, intensely synergistic wellbeing drink providing optimum nourishment to help the body perform at its very best.

Terranova-Life-Drink-TubTerranova Life Drink comes in a tub (see above!) with around 30 servings in it, and a handy scoop! It’s also available in sachets (see below) which come in a box of 15 and are great to take away when travelling!


Terranova Life Drink can be added to water, juice or your favourite smoothie! I tend to put it in water, and to me it tastes like pea soup. I quite like how it tastes, but for those who don’t get on with the taste I hear that apple juice is a good one to put it in!

Available from bodykind.com Terranova Life Drink Tub £25.75

Terranova Life Drink sachets are available from bodykind.com £29.85