Upon reading the word TechnoShape in the title I’m sure some who know me conjured up a vision of me throwing shapes at Headstart circa 1998. Although dancing in a packed, sweltering club with sweat dripping off the ceiling as well as the heaving bodies surrounding you does help keep the pounds off, that’s not what the title of this post is referring to. I am in fact referring to the latest Technology to hit the gym that helps you get in Shape, hence the name TechnoShape!

I was lucky enough to visit the 5* Ajala Spa in St Pauls (review coming soon!) for my twelve sessions of TechnoShape throughout the month of December last year. Having already lost a stone at New You Boot Camp in June that year, I had just completed a 10 day homemade equivalent of the Lemon Maple Syrup diet (recipe, directions and tips for this coming soon) and lost another half a stone, I embarked on the Atkins diet and these TechnoShape sessions.

How does TechnoShape Work?

TechnoShape is a belt that goes around the midriff, not dissimilar to a body builder’s belt in size, connected to an air pump which passes air through the belt, causing tightening of the belt then loosening. This machine has patented ‘Pressure Pause Therapy’ which is said to stimulate the circulation to the area to promote fat burning. Fat burning occurs more readily in parts of the body where the circulation is better, so in encouraging the blood to the midriff TechnoShape is also encouraging fat burning from this area.

It turns out that the best exercise to do whilst wearing the TechnoShape belt is running/jogging at a “fat burning” heart rate, as I discovered!


My Experience of TechnoShape

My first few sessions it turns out were not perhaps as productive utilisation of the TechnoShape as I would have hoped. I used the bike for the first two before one of the PTs kindly advised me that the bike was not the best piece of equipment to get results on and that I would be better off on the treadmill. Being a runner I advised them that this was not a problem for me at all and so the remainder of my sessions were spent on the treadmill. I’d also been working at a high-intensity level for these sessions and the kind chap also pointed out that my heart rate should be at fat burning intensity. To work this out, work out your maximum heart rate (MHR) by subtracting your age from 226 if you are a woman or 220 if you’re a man. So, mine is 194. Fat burning takes place at 60-70% of your MHR so my fat burning zone is 117-136. For sessions three to six I kept my heart rate between these BPMs and the session time increased from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. After six sessions I’d lost a very lustreless inch, in fact, I was fairly certain that TechnoShape was preventing my inch loss as an inch in two weeks could have been lost without the machine especially as I was dieting.

Nevertheless, I did persevere and on the advice of a different PT, I upped my heart rate to around 145 to try to encourage fat burn in my midriff. Three more sessions and I had lost three inches from my waist and an inch and a half from my hips. Now, I was on the Atkin’s at the time as I still (kind of) am, and I found myself perversely watching the cookery channel whilst listening to my iPod. With it being December there were so many Christmas episodes on Hairy Bikers, Jamie, Two Fat Ladies and Nigella to name a few of the food pornos that I tortured myself with. I do also think that this TV viewing was spurring me on in a bizarre “lose weight to eat food” kind of way.

It has to be said, it’s my hips and bum where I have the most fat to lose, not so much on my waist and stomach. At the end of the 12 sessions, I had lost 4 inches from my waist and 1 1/2 inches from my hip and this has stayed off despite having Christmas and new year! Due to a foot injury, I have only been running a few times since in recent weeks and played a few indoor softball sessions. I’ve not been training as hard as I would like to have been but I intend to pick my activity up again and continue on the right track!

To conclude, I think TechnoShape is a really handy tool for those serious about weight/inch loss. The results speak for themselves and TechnoShape have advised me that others had lost anywhere between 5 and 40cm from their stomach, waist and hips – I lost around 18cm in total. Not to mention another half a stone!

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