Faust's Potions for Discerning Night Owls

Faust’s Potions – for discerning night owls

The Christmas party season is upon us and we all have a tendency to overdo it in one way or another, where “It” can be food, drink or inactivity. Today we’re going to look at how Faust’s Potions can help us out after a night on the source, as well as the morning after the night before. If you are worried about how much you are drinking on a daily basis, then I recommend you seek help. Earlier this year I reviewed an excellent “self-help” book call The Sophisicated Alcoholic, which discusses how drinking has become so desensitised in our society that it’s acceptable for us to drink copious amounts the way so many do, as well as offering some advice and tips into how to curb your enthusiasm for the booze!

Biteable Beauty’s take on Faust’s Potions

Faust’s Potions come handily packed in a little card envelope, containing two vials – Awake Potion and Asleep Potion.

Faust's Potions for Discerning Night Owls

Both shots are natural and very drinkable. The Awake Potion is orange flavour and the Asleep Potion is red berry flavour. I’ve tried these a couple of times after a night out. Normally I have absolutely no trouble falling asleep but sometimes staying asleep is an issue especially if I have had a few drinks of an evening. I’ve never really suffered from hangovers (lucky me!) but alcohol in my life is often associated with late nights so I often feel it a little difficult getting up the next day. The Asleep Potion worked a treat – I stayed asleep until my alarm went off and felt refreshed upon waking. Nevertheless, I took the Awake Potion and went about my day, with only good memories of the previous evening and no tiredness or dehydration. I’d highly recommend these for party people who have to party hard at night and work hard in the day as they are really effective.

Who is Faust and what of their Potions?

The creator of Faust’s potions is Nina Faust, who created the products out of a desire for a natural and effective remedy for hangovers. She worked with experts in the field Professor R. J. Bloomer from the Department of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Memphis and the laboratories of Vitrition UK to create Faust’s Potions which are designed to support even the most gregarious of lifestyles.

What’s in Faust’s Potions?

Faust’s Potions are a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts which have been carefully selected for their beneficial properties after a big night out. Faust’s Potions select the finest quality ingredients and the products contain natural flavourings and no artificial colours. Faust’s Asleep Potion gets to work whilst you are sleeping after your big night out on the tiles. Its key ingredients include –

• Honey (Fructose) – to eliminate sugar from the bloodstream

• 5HTP (5hydroxytryptophane) – to raise low or depleted serotonin levels and aid sleep and relaxation

• N-Acetyl Cysteine – an amino acid with powerful antioxidant effect that neutralises toxic alcohol byproducts (acetaldehyde) and protects cells against the damaging effects of alcohol

• Milk thistle extract – to help detoxify liver and kidneys.

• Electrolytes – to help rehydrate the body and replace lost minerals, minimising hangover symptoms such as headaches and sluggishness

Faust’s Awake Potion is to be taken first thing in the morning when you start your day and the key ingredients are –

• N-Acetyl Cysteine

• Milk thistle extract

• Electrolytes

• Ginkgo Biloba – to relieve tension and anxiety, restore energy, settle the stomach, improve mood and alertness, stimulate brain function and boost memory. Ginkgo Biloba also has antioxidant properties which slow the effect of ageing and help prevent degenerative diseases

• Green Tea – a powerful antioxidant which protects the liver against

excessive alcohol consumption

• Guarana – to help with mental fatigue, act as a minor painkiller and settle the stomach. It has high caffeine content which stimulates and may keep you awake

• Ginseng – an adaptogenic herb that increases energy, fights fatigue, relieves stress, and increases memory

• B Vitamins – help the body convert food into energy, essential for the regulation and correct functioning of the entire nervous system including brain function

• Vitamin C – an excellent antioxidant that helps minimise tissue damage and hangover discomfort. Alcohol suppresses the immune system, so vitamin C can help ward off the cold or flu after drinking

Available from faustspotions.com

Faust's Potions for Discerning Night Owls