I’m fairly gifted when it comes to the art of sleep. My body is balanced most of the time, and when this is the case I am blessed with the ability to drift away to the land of nod within minutes, perhaps even seconds. Mr BB however is not quite so blessed so in a bid to aid him in getting some shut eye I packed a few bits and bobs for his bedtime ritual on our escape recently. Sleep is such a valuable resource for our body, so much happens whilst we are sleeping. We need sleep for healthy brain function and emotional wellbeing, optimum physical health, healthy weight maintenance and more.

Essence of Vali offer some of the best aromatherapeutic products I’ve tried, their blends are exquisite. I’ve tried several of the bath blends and room mists, Uplift and Balance are two of my favourites, and I love the Essence of Vali Roll-On Perfume – another product currently cluttering up my handbag! I love the idea of the product I’m writing about today, Sleep A Bedtime Ritual. I love the play on words, because sleep is a nighttime ritual, and this product should be incorporated into all uneasy sleepers’ bedtime rituals.


Essence of Vali Sleep A Bedtime Ritual contains a soothing blend of Lavender, Cedar Wood, Marjoram Leaves and Ylang Ylang to help calm the soul and senses as you try to drift to sleep. How best to use it? Place a drop of Essence of Vali Sleep A Bedtime Ritual on the corner of your pillow, or place on a handkerchief and place this inside your pillowcase.


I also packed Tisserand’s Goodnight Essential Oil Roll-On Remedy, which is a blend of Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang in a Jojoba Seed Oil base.

Finally, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from Mr BB’s struggle with sleep, it’s that an eye mask is a magical thing. I thought I couldn’t sleep better (or longer) but now I sleep every night with an eye mask and it really helps, particularly when the sun rises early. I always use a silk mask, however, as supposedly they don’t contribute to wrinkles!

Essence of Vali Sleep A Bedtime Ritual is available from essenceofvali.com

Tisserand Sweet Dreams is available from boots.com

Silk Eye Mask available from amazon.co.uk