Seafarmacy Sea Kelp Jelly is a kelp supplement unlike any other you have ever tried. It takes a while to get used to taking the jelly substance as a supplement,and the flavour is not to everyone’s taste (although Mr BB swears it tastes of fruit leathers!) but if you can get past these two aspects you will be doing your body such a good thing by taking this supplement! I was not phased by either texture or taste, but I know that not everyone is as easygoing as I am. Here’s a little bit more info about this wonderstuff –

Brown algae’s secret is its nutrition. Unlike humans and all other animals who require organic matter to sustain life, brown algae is able to generate organic matter from inorganic matter. It uses CO2 and H2O in its process, and is fuelled by sunlight.The only byproduct of this chemical process is oxygen. Brown algae has also developed its own unique storage method of minerals which it absorbs from the sea; nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorous, potassium and other minerals in the form of ions of mineral salts. Brown algae uses these stores to synthesise amino and nucleic acids, as well as proteins.

Seafarmacy’s Sea Kelp Jelly is produced from Ascophyllum nodosum, a brown algae in the north Atlantic ocean, commonly found around the British and European coast, also known as rockweed, Norwegian kelp, knotted kelp, knotted wrack or egg wrack.The most important active components of Ascophyllum nodosum are Polysaccharides, Amino Acids, Organic Iodide, Alginate and Alginic Acids, Fucoidan, Polyphenols, Micro and Macrominerals and Vitamins. The uniqueness of Ascophyllum nodosum is in its composition; the ion structure is very close to human blood plasma and the interstitial fluid of the body structure. This means that our body can easily assimilate all the nutrients contained within and reap the benefits.

The main advantage of Ascophyllum nodosum over synthetic vitamins and minerals is that it contains all these substances in Organic Compounds. The body can choose what it needs from the offered “menu” of vitamins and minerals and what it does not need is eliminated from the body.With inorganic sources of iodine, this is not the case.The body can take on too much and this may be detrimental to health causing illnesses including hypothyroidism and goiter. Because it is rich in iodine, KELP Jelly improves thyroid function, potentially increasing metabolism and energy whilst decreasing weight gain.The iodine, calcium and other minerals in sea kelp are easily absorbed by the body, aiding in digestion and correcting relevant mineral deficiencies. KELP Jelly is also being championed as a natural remedy for digestive illnesses including IBS, colitis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s. Clinical tests have been conducted with KELP Jelly at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Science, Russia.The statement from the study is as follows –

“Inclusion of KELP Jelly into the diet of patients with gastrointestinal diseases who also were on the complex treatment facilitated quicker attenuation of pain in epigastrium (by 2-3 days), on the 3rd-4th day there were no complaints of epigastric burning, meteorism and nausea; many patients marked the normalizing of faeces.The positive effect on the clinical picture of disease was noted: the inflammation of mucosa of oesophagus and duodenum the erosion was epitalized; the inflammation of stomach mucosa only single erosions survived; the duodenal ulcer the white cicatrix was formed.”

The cell wall of brown algae consists of two layers; the inner layer bears the strength, and consists of cellulose; the outer wall layer is mainly algin, and is gummy when wet but becomes hard and brittle when it dries out.The technology of production of powdered kelp supplements from algae involves several processes. Firstly the seaweed is dried out, then it is crushed and pressed. Our body finds this form hard to digest, particularly the tough, hardened cellulose.That is why the biological effect from taking the dried tablets for our body is very low.The unique technology in creating Seafarmacy’s Sea Kelp Jelly involves no high temperatures or chemicals, which means that all the biologically active elements of brown algae are preserved in a living form, and the ionic state of the matter remains very similar to that of blood plasma.

Biteable Beauty’s verdict – If you suffer from IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis or any digestive discomfort, I would urge you to try this product. I’ve heard wonderful testimonials about it. You can read more of these here. Personally, I found my digestion was better, not that I had particularly poor digestion but it can be affected by my stress levels. I found these flare-ups less common when taken Sea Kelp Jelly. I also sleep better when taking it as it helps calm the nervous system. What’s more, if you overindulge in alcohol, Sea Kelp Jelly will help keep your body clean and minimise any hangover symptoms, simply take a spoonful before bedtime.

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