I have used this contraption so much, I thought it would be one of those things used just a few times and then put to the back of the cupboard but I was using it throughout my training for Trailwalker as well as post walk and continue to use it once every week or two now.

It works around shiatsu pressure points and¬†there are 8 small rotating balls (4 for each foot) which massage the feet when the machine is turned on. You can opt for a cooling massage, a warming massage or normal temperature, hence the contradictory name “Arctic Heat”. The cooling setting was excellent for using when I got in from summer days, and I can imagine that as the winter is upon us I will be switching to the hot setting to warm my feet up. It is also great if you have been walking in heels to help stretch your feet back to normal resting position. After long training walks, I could feel my feet “clunking” as they were stretched and reshaped by the massager. You can control how hard or gentle the massage is by how much pressure you apply with your feet so if there is any pain or discomfort you have chosen it! Other health benefits are improved blood flow and circulation and shiatsu may also aid with nausea and depression (although whether the points manipulated in the feet are linked to these ailments I don’t know). The footplates have a removable washable cover which is handy if anyone has stinky feet.

I would recommend this for a Christmas gift, I will be combining it with my new foot spa for the ultimate in pedi-pampering.