Organic Burst’s Baobab Drink Powder helps boost immunity as well as improve digestive function – both our immune and digestive systems can be left feeling pretty sluggish due to overindulgence during the festivities!

Organic Burst Baobab Natural Powder – what is Baobab?

Baobab is a tree indigenous to Africa, where it’s actually known as the “Tree of Life” due to the health benefits that the African people have long been aware of. Baobab has been used traditionally to treat fevers, stomach upsets, malaria, and a general health tonic for young children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Why you might want to supplement with Organic Burst Baobab

Organic Burst’s Baobab is a freeze-dried powder form of the superfood Baobab, nothing more and nothing less! It seems these days that more and more products are being labelled as superfoods, often without premise, however, Baobab does warrant the title of being a food that delivers super nutrition! Baobab is a rich source of Vitamin C (more than oranges!), Potassium (more than bananas!), Magnesium, Iron, Calcium (more than yoghurt!), Pectins (the sugars, made famous by apples but can be found in lots of fruits, that can help reduce stress, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels and even help prevent prostate cancer), and essential amino acids which are the building blocks in our bodies! On top of this, Baobab is full of prebiotic fibres which help to grow good bacteria and maintain gut flora, as well as digestive enzymes. This means it helps to settle the stomach after a rich, heavy meal or if you’re feeling bloated. The strapline on the tub says “start feeling alive” and with the combination of the aforementioned vitamins, minerals and nutrients, baobab can have a revitalising and invigorating effect on the body, as well as supporting a healthy digestive tract and strengthening immunity.

Organic Burst Baobab Natural Powder – Biteable Beauty’s Verdict

I took Organic Burst’s Baobab more or less every day, more often than not in a glass of milk. To prepare I put a scoop of the Baobab powder into a small amount of water and mixed well, before topping up the glass to the brim with raw milk. I found the taste of this really agreeable, similar to sherbet but very mild and subtle – not the sickly sugar rush of many a childhood. I found Organic Burst’s Baobab to be a great start to the morning, and any tiredness or brain fog I was experiencing soon lifted, leaving me feeling sharp, clear and mentally alert – ready to face the day ahead!

I also tried a delicious smoothie recipe that Ekaterina from Organic Burst shared with me, which was truly scrumptious! Here are the simple instructions –

1 peeled banana
1/2 peeled mango
1tsp Organic Burst Baobab
300ml apple juice
250ml almond or rice milk
Blend in a blender and hey presto – a fruity, slightly sherbety smoothie.

As well as Baobab – Feel Alive, Organic Burst also offer the following superfood supplements –

  •  Acai – Anti-ageing
  • Wheatgrass – Detox
  • Spirulina – Nourish
  • Maca – Endurance
Organic Burst Range - Organic Burst Baobab Natural PowderIn January I will be putting the Wheatgrass to the test after the overindulgence of the festive season and I also look forward to trying the Acai after that! Have you tried any Organic Burst products? We’d love to hear how you got on with them!

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