Optibac Probiotics Launch

In September of this year, I went to the launch of Optibac ‘For Women’ probiotics with Alex my intern. For women is a unique product that has been researched and contains two strains of probiotics proven to reach the intimate area through oral administration! Quite simply amazing! It was a fun event and it was lovely to bump into journo Jane Collins. We shared a crossword puzzle, although we didn’t win the champagne on offer!


The two strains of probiotics featured in Optibac For Women are highly researched, having been clinically trialled by over 2,500 women all around the world – Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14® with 2.3 billion live cultures per serving. The former is a lactic acid bacteria that helps with yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, and when combined with the latter it helps to treat urinary tract infections. Lactobacillus reuteri is also an important bacteria for intestinal health, and has been shown to be effective at fighting and protecting against various pathogens including helicobacter pylori, streptococcus mutans and salmonella typhimurium.

Optibac For Women is the supplement

for those who suffer from vaginosis, thrush, cystitis and urinary tract infections. It’s safe for women going through the menopause, and also pregnant and mothers who are breastfeeding. Optibac advise that if you are suffering from repeat infections, it is worth reconsidering several lifestyle factors that can contribute to vaginal health, including –

  • diet; reducing sugar intake that can feed harmful bacteria and yeast
  • increase your intake of water
  • avoid wipes, douches and soaps in the intimate area, which can upset the pH of the intimate area

There are some excellent clinical results that have been achieved with Optibac For Women;

read all about them here but to summarise –

  • in a study over 4 weeks of women with thrush there was a 70% decrease in those with symptoms who took an anti-fungal plus Optibac For Women; significantly fewer than those who were taking a placebo
  • in an annual study of women with cystitis, the number of UTIs experienced by participants had more than halved, and Optibac For Women was shown to be almost as effective as antibiotics! However with those on antibiotics, after 1 month in the group 90% antibiotic resistance had been developed to the prescribed medication
  • in a one week study, women with bacterial vaginosis (BV) took antibiotics alongside either Optibac For Women or a placebo, as well as for three weeks after. BV cleared up in 40% of the people who took the antibiotics alone, but in those taking Optibac For Women 88% of cases cleared up

Impressive stats, I’m sure you’ll agree! What’s also impressive is Optibac’s philanthropical initiative whereby from every pack purchased of Optibac For Women purchased, 20-30p (dependant upon the size purchased) will be donated to Womankind Worldwide. This is an international women’s rights charity who partners with organisations in Latin America, Africa and Asia to challenge discrimination of, and violence against, women.