Nelson's Nocturna for Natural Relief of Insomnia

I summed up my relationship with sleep perfectly in this previous post about Phytokalm tablets I must admit that this past week after Natural Products Show I have been sleeping much better. I would put this down to a combination of sheer exhaustion, release of pressure, and me taking better care of myself. It’s funny, working in the natural products industry you’d think we’d all be a picture of health yet whilst we know what we should be doing to take the best care of ourselves, looking around at the show last weekend I think there was firm evidence that the natural health industry is far from a picture of health! Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone there but I think you get my point.

The reason for my change in attitude and lifestyle towards my health is quite simple. Having recently been for a reflexology treatment at Neal’s Yard Remedies on Chalk Farm Road, I learnt quite unsurprisingly that my adrenals were flagging quite severely. To be honest, everybody who chooses to be a city dweller suffers from adrenal fatigue to some extent – we as humans were not built for city life! All the rushing around, crowded commutes and general hustle and bustle, an intoxicating high as it might be, does take its toll on our health. This is why Mr BB and I are currently planning our escape to the countryside, which is a very exciting move! Just hearing Country House by Blur whilst waiting to go into the cinema yesterday I was transporting to my new life of Hunter wellies, flat caps and Barbour. I can’t wait! But for now, back to the matter at hand, Nelson’s Noctura for natural relief of Insomnia.

What’s in Nelson’s Noctura for Natural Relief of Insomnia?

Nelson’s Noctura is an original blend of homeopathic remedies all in one tablet! These have been selected for their relaxing properties and as Nelson’s explain stress and not sleeping well is a vicious circle – “A bad night’s sleep is often the result of stress. A refreshing natural nights sleep will help reduce that stress.” The blend contains –

Kali brom 6c –  used traditionally to treat restless sleepers, those who talk/make noises in their sleep, suffer from nightmares and wake up feeling unrefreshed

Coffea Cruda 6c – is used to treat a wide variety of sleep issues including sleeplessness from excitement, joy, worry, mind racing, sleep disturbed by dreams and those who wake up at 3am and only doze after this time

Passiflora 6c – used to help insomniacs return to a normal sleep pattern

Avena Sativa 6c – a chill out herb, Avena Sativa has been used for addiction, nervous exhaustion and sexual debility as well as sleeplessness

Alfalfa 6c – used to treat nervousness, anxiety, general debility and insomnia. Use induces quiet, reposeful and refreshing sleep

Valeriana 6c – commonly used to treat periods of sleeplessness, insomnia and sleep disturbed by dreams

Nelson's Nocturna for Natural Relief of Insomnia

Biteable Beauty’s Verdict on Nelson’s Noctura for Natural Relief of Insomnia

As I mentioned in the Phytocalm post, when I take these homeopathic remedies for sleep I do tend to sleep better. At the moment however, I am having to get up in the night to go to the toilet, something that never used to happen. I am putting this down to my poor adrenals being whacked and have been reading up on ways to remedy this. With Nelson’s Noctura I sometimes find that I fall asleep very quickly with the pills under my tongue and then wake up mere minutes later with the pills still under my tongue, wondering how long I’ve been asleep for – but as soon as I feel the pills I know it’s not been very long! Strange that this happens, I’m not really sure why!

Biteable Beauty’s Top Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep (Besides Nelson’s Noctura for Natural Relief of Insomnia)

  1. Wear an eye mask. I never rated eye masks until I actually tried one. There’s so much light pollution in the city unless you have blackout blinds it’s near impossible to experience a darkened room.
  2. If you’re a light sleeper wear earplugs. Especially if your partner snores or talks in their sleep, you live in a shared house, noisy neighbourhood or vocal wildlife surrounding your home.
  3. Get into a regular routine of going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning. This keeps your circadian rhythm in check. Obviously there will be times when this is not possible, and some days you will have a little lie in, but for the most part, keep to the same timings.
  4. Eat in the early evening so that you are not going to bed on a full stomach. If you go to bed full you may experience acid reflux, disturbed sleep, discomfort and in some cases nightmares. You can have a little high protein, high fat, low/no carb snack before bed as this will help stabilise your blood sugar throughout the night.
  5. No caffeine, alcohol or sugar up to three hours before bed. Stimulants will not only give you difficulty in falling asleep but may also disturb your sleep through the night. Sugars will cause your blood sugar to crash which may result in you waking in the middle of the night, seemingly for no apparent reason.
  6. Turn off all electrical appliances an hour before bed. Looking at self-luminating screens can affect our melatonin levels and hamper a good night’s sleep. Instead of watching TV or looking at the computer, why not try a relaxing activity such as reading (a paper book not on a tablet!) or meditation.
  7. Don’t exercise too vigorously two hours before bed. If you wish to do a little activity in the evening, try a stroll, yoga or gentle stretching.

Nelson’s Noctura for Natural Relief of Insomnia