I read about this brand on The Exfoliator, was really intrigued by the range so thought I would give the Just Pure Hydrating Eye Cream a whirl. Not only do they follow the cycles of the moon to not only plant and crop their ingredients but the production is also undertaken at a certain point in the cycle. It is also recommended products be used during certain moon phases. You can read all about founder Gabriela’s experiences with the moon cycles here. If you are reading this and thinking “what weirdy beardy mumbo jumbo is she writing about now?” I urge you to ignore this opening paragraph and continue reading, as this eye cream is excellent!

A little bit of the cream goes a long way and I have been using the pot has been on the go for almost 5 months with still a fair amount left in it! I’ve been applying day and night to my upper and lower eye area and my skin has a more even tone and smoother appearance. I’ve also indulged in the recommended application of the cream as a mask, applying a generous amount again to the upper and lower lids, leaving for half an hour before tapping the rest in to the skin.

The main ingredient of the product is Aloe Vera Barbadensis, which contains a plethora of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, saponins and essential fatty acids which all help to sooth, nourish and deeply hydrate the skin. When buying Aloe Vera products always make sure that the Aloe used is Aloe Vera Barbadensis and also that it is the main ingredient of the product, otherwise you are just buying watered down Aloe Vera. Other Aloe Vera products I’ve reviewed are from Eternal Skincare and JĀSÖN.

Just Pure Hydrating Eye Cream

The second powerful active ingredient is Quince Extract, which contains high concentrations of antioxidants C and E. Quince extract not only has protective properties but also quenches thirsty skin and helps prevent dehydration. If you ever suffer from occasional fine lines around the eyes caused by dehydration then try this cream and you will find it really helps smooth them out as well as soften the skin.

Unlike some other eye creams I’ve used, this one did not interfere with my make up application. Which meant I didn’t have to wait around to line my eyes or blend in my concealer. The only problem is this range is very difficult to come by in the UK so I will either have to stock up on my next visit to Berlin or order on their website. They do ship over here so all is not lost!

Available from www.justpure.de Just Pure Hydrating Eye Cream Euro 20