It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….. so before the onslaught of Christmas gift ideas followed by detox and fitness products, I thought I would do a semi-Christmassy post but on a product I have been using since the summer. Yes, one bottle has lasted our house (ie Charlie, me and an occasional Mimi wash) over three months! I would never have thought to try the cranberry body wash (when there’s Rosewater, Lavender and Apricot and a whole load more!) but I did so on a friend’s recommendation.

This was the first JASON body wash I tried. Having used the hand soaps before I was expecting good things and was not disappointed, One squirt of the pump on a shower puff is more than enough for an indulgent wash. The label says the product can be used for a “Bubbling Bath”, but don’t expect the kind of bubbles you see with non-natural products as this is not going to happen! There are few bubbles, but the aroma is wonderful. Perhaps in softer water areas, the bubbles are brilliant, if you find this to be so I’d love to know! As you probably know, cranberry is a powerful antioxidant and its topical use is meant to revitalise tired looking skin. The formula also includes aloe vera and chamomile to soothe and soften the skin.

If, like Wizzard, you wish it could be Christmas every day, then maybe this is the body wash for you! At £9.49 you may think it’s on the pricey side, but it’s you get 900ml which I estimate would last the average person around four months. Whilst on the subject of non-natural products, I am looking for a guinea pig willing to make a switch to natural products as a new year’s resolution and star in a couple of videos with yours truly. If you’re interested please message me at Thanks!

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